France To Require Quarantine On UK Arrivals


France indicated today that it would follow what Germany and Austria have already in place and require quarantine for those who arrive from the UK.

Air France A319

Although the Covid-19 cases have plummeted in the UK lately, the most recent trend is slightly upwards due to more virulent Indian mutation making rounds.

It is not clear how long the quarantine would last and if you can shorten it by taking a Covid-19 test after few days. Germany only allows its citizens and permanent residents to arrive from the UK and require them to self-quarantine for two weeks. Austria has similar requirements in place.

UK Covid-19 cases:

The situation is very good in the UK, although the spread of the Indian mutant is worrisome.


The European Union was supposed to release early this week a list of countries from which visitors would be welcomed to the bloc this summer, but apparently, this has been delayed as no information has been released.

The situation in the UK is much better when it comes to vaccination and the current Covid-19 positive rates compared to all these three countries.