InterContinental Ambassador Renewal Window Change


IHG runs three loyalty and membership programs, of which one, InterContinental Ambassador, is a paid guest recognition one that comes with set benefits.

There is no usually hurry to renew the membership before the expiry date, or you can use the 6 and 2 months free extensions both once.

You can access and sign up or renew InterContinental Ambassador here.

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IHG Rewards has now run several promotions that have allowed new and existing members that buy or renew within a specific window to earn a free night certificate after a stay.

Previously, you could not renew until you were 60 days or less from the expiry of your Ambassador membership, but IHG has now changed this.

You can renew up to 92 days before instead.

This helps members who plan to take advantage of the promotions such as the one below:

IHG InterContinental Ambassador Sign Up & Renew Promotion Until July 31, 2021

Remember the free extensions that you can use once:

InterContinental Ambassador’s Six Months Goodwill Extension Policy (Upon Request)

Success: Requesting InterContinental Ambassador’s Six Month Goodwill Extension (Once Per Lifetime)


A sensible move from IHG to allow InterContinental Ambassador members to time their renewals to match one of these promotional periods.

Nothing prevents you from letting the InterContinental Ambassador lapse if you don’t have stays coming up right after the membership is about to expire, as it only lasts for 12 months, or taking advantage of one of the free renewal options (2 or 6 months).

It is a good move from IHG to extend the renewal window that allows more members to take advantage of the sign up promotions.