Appetite For More: 150 Extra Marriott Bonvoy Points Per Dining Transaction In The U.S. Until June 30, 2021


Marriott Bonvoy members dining at any of their hotel restaurants can earn 150 bonus points per dine, on top of the regular earn from now through June 30, 2021.

There’s no minimum spend required and this promotion is valid with any of the 11,000+ participating U.S. restaurants even when the diner isn’t a registered guest.

The ability to earn points when dining at the hotel properties even when not actually staying at the hotel stems from the old Starwood days and after that many other chains duplicated that system with Marriott eventually incorporating the entire concept into Marriott Bonvoy and also building promotions around it.

This one came via email yesterday as Marriott is trying to drive guest frequency at their f&b outlets again since many are coming back online.

The email reads:

Enroll in Eat Around Town by Marriott Bonvoy™ to take advantage of this special opportunity.

Earn 150 bonus points per dine, on top of the regular earn, with any of the 11,000+ participating U.S. restaurants now through June 30, 2021. There’s no minimum spend required.

Once you join and enroll, you can also earn up to  6,000 bonus points on your first three qualifying dines.

Plus, you’ll earn 4 points per dollar spent on eligible takeout, delivery and dine-in orders.

In order to participate in this promotion you need to enroll in the Eat Around Town program which is free but a separate program from the normal way of just showing your Marriott number upon payment and receiving a discount on top.

  • Register any credit and/or debit cards you plan to use at restaurants, bars, or clubs.
  • Then, just dine at any program location.

There are no special ID cards or membership numbers to remember. Membership is free and easy. Please note, you need to be a resident of the U.S. to join Eat Around Town.

This particular program is tied to your payment card. You’ll likely still need to quote your Marriott Bonvoy Number in order to earn additional points and the discounts.

Marriott sent this offer per email to members so you might have personalized links and this email as well, either in your inbox or the Spam folder. Check it out! Strangely enough Marriott makes this website unavailable unless you access it from the U.S. for whatever reason.


If you’re someone who frequently stops into a Marriott hotels in the U.S. in order to eat in or order take away this is an easy way of picking up a few extra points, although I probably wouldn’t jump through hoops in order to collect a 150 extra points. This is rather easy though.

With no minimum spend required there would certainly be a way to maximize this for example by charging several transactions separate from each other and collecting the 150 points per card swipe.