Alaska Airlines Promises Qatar Airways Awards Available In August 2021 & Oneworld Partners Further Delayed?


Alaska Airlines and Qatar Airways launched their frequent flier partnership on February 15, 2021 (read more here), six weeks before the airline joined the Oneworld Alliance.

Alaska promised that Mileage Plan members could redeem their miles on Qatar Airways from the date they join the alliance and on other Oneworld airlines from summer 2021 (read more here).

You can access Alaska’s page for partner airlines here.

Alaska now indicated that the Qatar Airways awards would be available in August 2021. There is no word when other partner airline awards will be bookable beyond later in 2021.


Award travel on Qatar Airways

Award booking will be available starting March 31, 2021


Award travel on Qatar Airways

Award bookings will be available in August 2021

Oneworld Partners:

Award travel on Malaysia Airlines

Award bookings coming later in 2021.

What Oneworld partners available using Alaska Airlines miles?

What Oneworld Partner Awards Are Available For Alaska Mileage Plan Members?

Oneworld partner award delay:

Alaska Airlines Delays Oneworld Awards To Summer 2021

Alaska Airlines & Qatar Airways partnership launch:

Alaska Airlines & Qatar Airways Frequent Flier Partnership Launch December 15, 2020


Alaska Airlines often has delays launching award bookings on new partners, but you would think that they had everything in order by now?

Qatar Airways awards should be now available in August 2021 and other Oneworld partners, which are not yet bookable on Alaska, later this year.