Denmark Has Reopened For Fully Vaccinated Visitors


Last week, Denmark changed the entry requirements to country depending on whether visitors are vaccinated and from where they are coming from.

Denmark categorizes countries as Yellow (ideal situation), Orange (the case is under control), Red (situation difficult and most travels to Denmark banned). Vaccinated tourists are welcomed from EU/Schengen/OECD and Yellow countries without additional tests or isolation requirements.

You can access Denmark’s page for Covid-19 and travel here.

Here’s countries are areas are categorized:

EU & Schengen

Non-EU & Schengen Countries

If the country is not deemed as YELLOW or RED, it is ORANGE.

People Traveling On A Negative Test:

The test requirements vary depending on whether you are traveling from the EU or Schengen countries or outside the bloc.

European Union/Schengen

Even those coming from the Yellow countries/area inside the EU/Schengen need to test upon arrival to Denmark. From the Orange area, you need to test before and after arrival, isolate, and foreigners (I would assume non-Danish citizens and residents) also need to have a predeparture Covid-19 test.

If you are coming from RED, there are only limited reasons to enter the country and need to isolate and several tests.

Outside European Union/Schengen

Visitors from Yellow countries need to test before and after arriving in Denmark. There is no requirement to isolate or to have a worthy purpose.

It is challenging to enter Orange or Red because you need to have a worthy cause, isolate, and do several tests.


Here where it is getting exciting for those who have been fully vaccinated.

Those with permanent residence in the European Union or Schengen countries or OECD or Yellow third country and who have been vaccinated on EMA approved vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson) are welcomed without any additional tests or quarantine requirements.

OECD countries are:

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Permanent Residency outside of EU/Schengen, OECD or Yellow Countries:

They need to take a test before and after entering Denmark when coming from a Yellow country. If they come from Orange or Red, there is a worthy purpose to visit Denmark, isolation, and tests.

Recovered Visitors

Denmark also has rules in place for those who have recovered from Covid-19 in the past 8 months (check how long the previous infection is valid to enter Denmark).


These Danish entry requirements are confusing because they vary based on the residency and partially where you have been vaccinated (EU/Schengen/OECDC ok).

Also, Denmark only acknowledged vaccines approved by EMA that leave those inoculated with Chinese and Russian ones in the dark and not considered vaccinated.

If you are not a resident of EU/Schengen, OECD, or Yellow third country but fully vaccinated, there are test, isolation, and worthy trip requirements.

Visitors from EU, Schengen OECD, or Yellow third countries and are fully vaccinated don’t have any other entry requirements.