Canada No Longer Requires Mandatory Quarantine From Fully Vaccinated


Canada started to require mandatory hotel quarantine while waiting for negative Covid-19 results in January (read more here) from those arriving by air.

Some Canadians found out that it was cheaper to skip the quarantine that sometimes cost more than C$3,000 by merely paying a fine (read more here) or entering by ground (read more here). Paying for three-night quarantine was essentially a scam because the result came in a day (read more here).

Now, Canada is tweaking the quarantine requirements based on news coming out from Canada.

Fully vaccinated travelers don’t need to self-isolate or stay in a quarantined hotel upon returning to Canada. However, they need to take a Covid-19 test and isolate until the test comes back negative (usually within a day).

Canada should officially make these requirements public later today.

Here’s an excerpt from the CTV News:

Canadians who fly into the country and have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will no longer be forced to self-isolate for 14 days after arriving, and will no longer have to stay in a quarantine hotel, CTV News has confirmed.

Fully vaccinated travellers will still have to take a COVID-19 test upon arriving in Canada and will have to isolate until that test result comes back negative.

The easing of restrictions will apply to any Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

After calls to end mandatory hotel quarantines and permit fully vaccinated Canadians to move around more freely were met with reluctance from Health Minister Patty Hajdu, sources say the changes will come into effect in July.


Many Canadians have been vaccinated in the United States that haven’t had a residency or nationality requirement to get the required jab(s).

A friend of mine flew in a family from South America to get vaccinated in the United States (good business for US airlines and hotels in the country).

I would say that this is a sensible move by the Canadian government because, although there is a slight chance that vaccinated can catch the virus, it rarely is fatal.