Accor ALL Visa Credit Card Launch About To Take place


Accor and Visa reached a deal before the pandemic began in February 2020 to launch co-branded credit cards first in France and later in other European countries.

The launch was delayed, and then Accor and BNP Paribas announced that these cards would be available for consumers in France this February (read more here), which is now long gone as well.

You can access Accor’s page for credit cards here.

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Accor and BNP Paribas, however, are about to launch these cards and have released additional information about them.

Here are the cards:

  • ALL – VISA Pulse (aimed at Millennials) – a monthly fee of €4.5 (€53 per year)
  • ALL – VISA Explorer (for clients who travel extensively for work or leisure) monthly fee of €13.5 (€162 per year)
  • ALL – VISA Ultimate (for super-premium clients) monthly fee of €34 ($408 per year)

Cards come with yearly bonus nights:

  • ALL – VISA Pulse – 10 NIGHTS
  • ALL – VISA Explorer – 20 NIGHTS
  • ALL – VISA Ultimate – 30 NIGHTS

Sign Up Bonus

  • ALL – VISA Pulse – 1,000 Rewards points (worth €20)
  • ALL – VISA Explorer –2,000 Rewards points (worth €40)
  • ALL – VISA Ultimate – 5,000 Rewards points ( worth €100)


  • ALL – VISA Pulse – 0.25 points per €1 (0.5% return in the form of ALL points)
  • ALL – VISA Explorer – 0.4 points per €1 (0.8% return in the form of ALL points)
  • ALL – VISA Ultimate – 1 points per €1 (2% return in the form of ALL points)

It is unclear if you earn the reward points for all purchases and whether there are bonuses for swiping the card at Accor-affiliated hotels.


Let’s see when the rollout of these cards in France takes place. I assume that we are nearing that point, as Accor and BNP Paribas have already released this information.

You need to swipe the ALL Visa Ultimate card a lot for the yearly fee to be worthwhile. The sig up bonuses that are only awarded once could be more lucrative too.

I hope that Accor and BNP Paribas get the card launched in other markets in Europe, too, although you would imagine that the highest take for it is in Accor’s home market of France.