IHG Rewards Buy Points 100% Bonus Flash Sale With Increases Limit Through June 10, 2021

IHG Rewards launched last week a buy points Flash Sale at a 100% bonus with an increased limit valid for purchases made through today (June 10, 2021).

IHG frequently sells its points (the maximum bonus is 100%), and members can now buy up to 150,000 (sometimes with an increased limit of 250,000) every calendar year before any targeted offers.

You can check your personalized IHG Rewards buy points offer here.

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Price at the 100% bonus:

The price at the 65% bonus is 0.5 cents each when the maximum number is purchased.

Does it make sense to purchase points?

Purchasing points merely because they are on sale doesn’t make sense. If you have a good use for them, buying can lower the price of the stays considerably.

IHG recently moved to variably priced awards, and there have been some excellent deals lately by using points, although some of the best ones have already been “corrected.”


IHG awards are now more sensible, as long as the prices remain low after introducing the dynamically priced awards based on the cash price and demand.

It doesn’t make much sense to buy at any other bonus level than 100% (or 50% off), at which IHG sells its points somewhat fewer times nowadays (these used to be very frequent).

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Offer available for purchases made between 12:00 AM ET June 1, 2021 and 11:59 PM ET June 10, 2021 inclusive. In order to qualify for the 100% Bonus points offer, Members must make a minimum of 30,000 points purchase per transaction. Members may purchase a maximum of 250,000 points per calendar year and receive as a gift a maximum of 250,000 points per calendar year. Members may purchase a maximum of 250,000 points during the promotional period only. Members may gift a maximum of 250,000 points or receive as a gift from another member a combined maximum of 250,000 points during the promotional period only. Points that have been already purchased, gifted or received as a gift in 2021 are included in the 250,000 points limit. Purchased points do not count towards IHG® Rewards Elite status. This is an exclusive, non-transferable offer for intended recipients only and may not be forwarded. Offer is subject to change. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Price includes all applicable fees. Purchased Points are not refundable and are applicable toward all IHG® Rewards awards. Please allow 72 hours for points to post and appear in the recipient’s account. All other IHG® Rewards Terms and Conditions apply.