Reader Question: Why Hilton Cannot Show Outstanding Certificates With Expiry Dates Online & Why You Have To Call To Book?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question that I have been wondering too. Why does Hilton not show unused certificates online with their expiry dates, and why you have to call to use them?

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Here’s the email from the reader:

After Marriott extended credit card free nights Hilton felt pressure to do the same …but have they?

So far empty promise.

Hilton Free night certificates is a totally manual redemption – you have to call in to book them – agent does each night as an individual booking for one night.

You then have to contact the property to link the confirmations, so you do not risk having to change rooms during stay.

So exactly what is “working hard to get it implemented”….   just tell the phone agents.

I believe the truth is:

Certificates are only good for “standard room redemptions.”

By waiting until just before current expiration date of August 31st there will be far fewer standard reward redemptions at aspirational properties – like the one I want to book – Amsterdam Waldorf in October.

You can see your Marriott and IHG free night certificates and expiration dates online… but not Hilton.

How many thousands  (tens of thousands?)  are forgotten and expire unused ?

Quote: “ No you cannot book as a point reservation and then convert to use your certificate when they are updated,  but

please feel free to call us back to see if your certificates have been extended to your desired travel date”

My average hold time to reach Diamond desk is 20 minutes and the music sucks

After Covid hit Hilton gave us a hard sell when to take free nights rather than refunds.

And follow up:

my Hilton certs got extended today and  I got my “aspirational booking”

So my issue is  null and void

I do still think it is poor  that unlike Marriott /IHG you can not see certs and expiration  on but at least Hilton certs have a number.

IHG certs do not have a number they will share so you have to track them by expiration date/credit card annual fee and it gets confusing

I forwarded the reader’s question to the Hilton spokesperson and received the following reply:

We are actively working on a solution to this and will be in touch soon to share more details.

Hilton previously promised to get the lifetime status progress online in 2020!

Hilton Honors Lifetime Status Progress Visibility Coming In 2020


You can have two takes to why Hilton does their certificates as they do now:

1. Breakarage

A significant number of certificates go unused considering how full-on junk our email inboxes are.

Then there is an additional hurdle to call Hilton Honors to make the booking. Many will give up, and 30% to 50% of certs are never redeemed (my estimation).

2. System Limitation

Hilton is unable to handle the certificates without manual intervention that is crazy in 2021. We are no longer in the 1990s when paper and manual certificates were prevalent.

I hope that Hilton can get its IT together now that they have the Salesforce system running…