Reader Question: How To Reach Hilton Customer Service?


A LoyaltyLobby reader asked us how to reach Hilton Customer Service when issues at the hotel?

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You can access Hilton here.

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Here’s the question from the reader:

I have recently had an unpleasant stay at a Hilton property in Finland and encountered multiple problems from arguing over upgrades at check-in, in an empty hotel, to the horrible lounge service which was only two hours of limited service!

I wanted to get in touch with Hilton corporate customer service but so far no success!

It was always the case, at least before pandemic, that simply by tapping on the “stay feedback” button in the Hilton app I could leave my experience and someone from Hilton would get in touch, but now I have left messages two times over the past three weeks and not even a confirmation!

So I decided to use the Hilton’s website form to leave my feedback which it worked but my feedback went straight to the hotel that I was complaining about and not Hilton corporate customer service! As a result, I just received a typical apology text without any proper answer nor offer of any compensation!

Now, I wanted to ask you as a travel guru 🙂 how one get in touch with Hilton directly via email without being directed to hotel?

There is two way of dealing with complaints and depends what your preference is:

1. Do you want to rescue the say?

Try to speak with the Manager on Duty first, and if no resolution, ask for an audience with the General Manager. Your issues should be relevant to engage the head of the hotel.

2. Do you want compensation for the stay?

You can be in touch with the Hilton Customer Service and Guest Assistance.

Here’s what I usually do:


If there are issues with the property that managers cannot fix, I’ll ask to have a chat with the General Manager. They are usually lovely people to deal with, and genuinely interesting to hear what your concerns are. Their business depends on it.

Sometimes the information they receive is filtered, and they like to hear directly from the guests. Just make sure that your concerns are legitimate. Be specific and without emotions.


Then there are stays where no managers are present, or they are incapable of communicating in English. If I am staying at a branded property, I don’t expect employees to speak my mother tongue (Finnish), but English has become the lingua Franca whether you like it or not.

Here’s what I do:

I forward my reservation to and ask them to deliver it to Guest Assistance. Remember to use the same email address you have on file with Hilton.

I try to write down as clearly and concisely at the beginning of the email with bullet points what went wrong, how I have been attempting to resolve them with the hotel’s management, and what I believe adequate compensation is. I use bullet points.

Don’t write a mini-novella because these customer service agents must go through hundreds of emails every day, and the more precise, the better.

If everything else fails…

You can always drop us an email, but I encourage you to try resolving the issue with Hilton directly first. We can always ask the corporate to look at the case if I deem that it is appropriate.


I have stayed at all the three Hilton hotels in Helsinki that are actually franchised by Scandic, a leftover from the time when Hilton owned this chain of hotels in the Nordics.

The service in Finland is efficient, but some may find it cold. Finns are not usually very good at small talk.

I have received excellent service at the Hilton Strand in Helsinki (it used to be an InterContinental back when Finnair owned it), as I have stayed there numerous times. They tend to assign me a suite.

The Hilton Helsinki Airport usually assigns one of the Plus Rooms with a Sauna. I have an issue with this property because you cannot open windows, and the temperature is set to 23.6 Celcius, and it is tough to get any lower.

I don’t have recent experience at the Hilton Kalastajatorppa.

I have been very impressed with the speed of replies and resolutions that Hilton has provided me with. I always use the email address.