Best Western Promo Stacking Success Story!


Best Western Rewards has been very active, offering various bonus points opportunities, buying gift cards with a bonus, or earning gift cards for a stay.

A friend of mine put these offers on test on a trip within Canada and wrote a short report on how took advantage of all the available offers.

You can access Best Western Rewards here

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Here’s the report that the friend filed:

Best Western Promotion Success Story – 3 Nights at Hotels in Canada for less than $50/night

Combining two of the following current promotions I was able book 3 stays in Canada for less than $50/night net cost factoring in the value of the points earned and the bonus $20 gift cards.

1. Buy a $100 Best Western travel card and get a $20 travel card free:

Gift cards purchased: $300 (3 X $100 Gift cards) + $60 Bonus gift card (3 X $20)

2. Earn 5K points/stay up to a maximum of 3 (alternate of this promo):

First stay:  

Merritt Hotel - British Columbia - Merritt - Canada

Best Western Plus Merritt Hotel $104 w/tax: $120

  • Welcome Bonus: 500
  • Summer Promo: 5000
  • Base points: 840
  • Diamond bonus: 420
  • Survey points: 250

Total points earned: 7010

Second stay:

Siding 29 Lodge - Alberta - Banff - Canada

Best Western Plus Siding 29 Lodge, Banff $98 w/tax: $109

  • Welcome Bonus: 500
  • Summer Promo: 5000
  • Base points: 810
  • Diamond bonus: 410
  • Survey points: 250

Total points earned: 6970

Third stay:

Best Western Plus Hinton Suites & Inn - Hinton Alberta

Best Western Plus Hinton Inn & Suites, $89 w/tax: $97

  • Welcome Bonus: 500
  • Summer Promo: 5000
  • Base points: 740
  • Diamond bonus: 370
  • Survey points: 250

Total points earned: 6860

  • Grand Total spent at hotels on gift cards: $326
  • Remaining gift card balance: $34
  • Net spend for these 3 hotel nights ($300 – $34) is $266.
  • Grand Total points earned across all 3 nights: 20,840 points

Overall this was a great promotion.  For $266 CDN$ I had three stays in Best Western hotels and earned 20,840 points.

It’s hard to put a value on Best Western Points however there are a number of hotels that start at 16,000 points where you can get $125 CDN value and some 32,000 point hotels you might be able to get up to $250 CDN value and that works out to 0.6c/point.  The 20,840 points earned could have a value of $125.   Subtracting that from the $266 spent the net cost of the 3 hotel nights is $141 or less than $50 CDN/night.


Best Western hotels are excellent for road trips, and my friend indeed took the hotel company up on all of their offers out there. Have you moved some of your stays to Best Western hotels due to their frequent offers as of late?