The Canada – U.S. Border Will Not Reopen This Month Despite Earlier Positive Signs


Despite positive signs in the past few weeks that the land border crossings between Canada and the U.S. would reopen following the most recent extension of the closure, these hopes have now evaporated.

Government officials in Canada have confirmed to the media that the border won’t reopen despite a hard push by local politicians and the business community.

Three weeks ago when I wrote about the possibility that the border might actually reopen it looked pretty good as the pressure on the federal government by high profile people and industries was mounting but it seems Trudeau and his cronies in Ottawa have other ideas.

From what it looks right now they really don’t care in any way about the demands of either local politicians or the business community.

The Toronto Star reported about it this morning, deflating a lot of hopes by people to get trans border road travel back.

Ottawa – No need yet to fill the car with the essentials for a beach vacation in Maine. The Canada-U.S. border will not reopen on June 21, despite pressure from the business community and a decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases on both sides of the border.

Several government sources have confirmed to La Presse that the reopening will not take place this month. Even if the vaccination campaign is going well. Even if the mayors of Canadian cities along the border and American senators are clamouring for the border to reopen.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau briefly discussed the issue with United States President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G7 Summit in the United Kingdom. No decisions have been shared from the exchange. But in Ottawa, the case is clear: “There will be no change at the border,” said a senior source who requested anonymity.

Over the next few days, the government is expected to provide details on the lifting of the hotel quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated Canadian citizens and permanent residents entering Canada by air. The plan is to drop the requirement at the beginning of July.

Reading the tea leaves: Ottawa advocates for a cautious approach.

“This is the signal we sent with the announcement,” said another government source – the signal being that Canada is not ready to open the floodgates to international tourism. …

Canada has been mostly visible for over the top approach to the entire issue, total incompetence in organizing their own vaccination efforts and policies that will bog down the country for years to come.

The U.S. has already responded to Canada’s ongoing port closure and cruise ship ban by waiving the PVSA requirement for Alaska cruises between Washington State and Seattle. Now cruise ships no longer have to stop in Canada – a huge loss of revenue for Vancouver and Victoria. Hopefully once the U.S. have gotten appetite to keep this revenue for themselves they will do away with rule indefinitely.

So far the Canadian government seems to be hell bound of vaccinating three quarters of the entire population before doing any meaningful change to it’s border regime. However it’s highly optimistic to assume 75%+ of the population ever being vaccinated. There is still casual and in some cases strong resistance against taking this product so three quarters of the entire population is a number that doesn’t look possible for a long time to come. Good luck with that policy!

Canadians have always been able to FLY to the U.S. even while land borders were closed. This has peeved many lawmakers and they then introduced a costly quarantine that applies to returning air travelers, not however to land crossings.

A loophole so far was for Canadians to fly to the U.S. and on the return cross via a land border and get picked up there by a friend or relative. One way car rentals have been largely unavailable when I checked several rental agencies in recent months.

Likewise U.S. citizens were able to cross into Canada by car by claiming they are driving up to Alaska. Once in the country nobody really checked that for obvious reasons.


For now hopes are once again bleak to finally see land transborder traffic again by the end of June, more than a year after land borders stopped being a viable option except for dual citizens.

This system of land border closures was never watertight so to speak. Plenty of exceptions applied at any given time and in the end this is just a charade, politicians demonstrating they are doing something (whatever that is) to keep the country save. Both countries now have ample Covid cases as well as a decent saturation of people who got vaccinated. By pushing the envelope to more and more absurd levels like the 75% vaccination rate is just getting people even more upset and willing to break rules.