Fake Covid-19 PCR-RT Test Laboratory Found In Sweden


Have I been the only one ever thinking whether all these PCR-RT tests taken at various locations worldwide are actually processed or if someone just sends you an officially looking PDF declaring that you are a Covid free pocketing the cash?

The Swedish police have arrested a person behind a company that had conducted more than 100,000 PCR-RT tests for flying purposes that were never processed. Still, a declaration of Covid-19 free was issued.

Note that images used in this article are from various PCR-RT and other Covid-19 tests that I have taken and unrelated to the scam in Sweden.

Here’s an excerpt from Expressen (Google translate):

Doctors are suspected of having signed false test results

District Attorney Alexandra Bittner is leading the preliminary investigation. Expressen has contacted her for a comment.

The principal, Hammad Al-Saaid, is wanted as arrested in his absence.

There is also a 55-year-old doctor who is suspected of having signed false results for rapid tests of covid-19 and issued travel certificates for unsuspecting customers.

Another man in his 40s has been arrested in his absence while three other people were arrested on Saturday.

Bought a health certificate to show at Arlanda

Hammad Al-Saaid is suspected together with the others under the name Doktorgruppen of having offered rapid tests on covid-19, so-called PCR tests, for SEK 500. They have also offered antigen tests.

Answers have been promised within six hours.

Customers who have received a negative test result have been able to buy a “freshness certificate” for an additional SEK 1,000 that has been used for travel to different countries, according to Expressen’s information.

The problem is that they have not analyzed the samples, according to police suspicions.

During the week, the police raided about five premises that the care company used in the Stockholm area.

And Aftonbladet (Google Translate):

More than 100,000 people could be affected by a nationwide tangle of fake PCR tests.

Covid certificate has been issued – without the samples being analyzed, according to information to Aftonbladet.

– There is secrecy and we want to be able to investigate the suspicions that exist, says prosecutor Alexandra Bittner.

– The fear is that people who have received a false negative result have not received care in time. Another aspect is everyone who has traveled around the world who has been unknowingly infected, says a government source.

The private care company has in several places in the Stockholm area and around the country offered PCR tests and travel certificates for approximately SEK 1,500 each. The clinics have been open seven days a week and have offered answers within just a few hours.

They also state that during the pandemic they have had tens of thousands of “satisfied customers”.

The tests have been performed but never sent to the lab for analysis. Despite this, customers must have received negative test results and covid certificates back, according to information to Aftonbladet.


These fake Covid-19 tests must be very lucrative for criminals that charge 150 euros for a test that is never performed. You conduct 100,000 of them, and you suddenly have €15M windfall!

I am sure that this operation in Sweden is not the only one exposed after the dust settles, but there must be very officially looking fake Covid-19 test centers around the world.

Airlines and governments must rely on these very officially looking PDFs to prove that the person doesn’t have Covid-19. You could easily modify these by yourself with minimal computer skills rather than paying 100 to 150 euros for each test.