“Operational Error”: Cathay Pacific & Priority Pass Deny That “THE WING First Class” Will Join Lounge Network


Cathay Pacific has reached out via Twitter to update us that The Wing First Class Lounge will not join the Priority Pass network as briefly listed yesterday.

 I was able to verify this with the Priority Pass press department and according to them the listing was due to an “operational error” which has since been corrected.

Whatever lead to this listing it’s a rather strange “operational error” considering how detailed it was since it has clearly been prepared with a lot of diligence.

Here is our article from yesterday:

Wow – Cathay Pacific’s “The Wing” First Class Lounge Joins Priority Pass Effective June 21, 2021

Here is yesterday’s initial listing from the Priority Pass App:

This evening (HK Time) Cathay sent us a message via Twitter:

My initial gut feeling was that the social media team is very likely not in sync with the commercial negotiations that go on in other departments so I contacted my press contact with Collinson, Priority Pass head company.

The spokesperson confirmed that the listing was indeed in error:

Dear Sebastian,

Thank you for reaching out to me, Priority Pass is aware that Cathay Pacific’s ‘The Wing First Class Lounge’ at Hong Kong International Airport was briefly listed on the Priority Pass app on Saturday, 19 June. This was due to an operational error and the lounge will not be added to the Priority Pass network.

Hope that answers your question below.

The Priority Pass press representative answered me within 15 minutes even on a Sunday, very good job. In direct contradiction to that when I replied to Cathay Pacific’s PM on Twitter their answer was

Hi LoyaltyLobby, this is Chau. We can only provide assistance that is ticket related, please let me know if you have related enquiry. Thank you.

No comment.

For what it’s worth the listing has since disappeared from the Priority Pass app.

My best guess is that there must have been some negotiation if not a finalized agreement between Priority Pass and Cathay Pacific and this listing has been issued prematurely.

It’s hard to say if Cathay has pulled the plug on this agreement or if it will materialize at a later point and then re-appear on the Priority Pass app/website. For now the official position of both companies is that the whole thing is off and can be disregarded.

Let’s see how this moves forward considering PP will lose the other three lounges of Plaza Premium at HKG International Airport on July 1st.

Yesterday’s article was pretty popular judging from the comments and views. Too bad that it’s so difficult right now to make use of lounge visits in this part of the world.


The listed entry on the Priority Pass application concerning Cathay Pacific’s The Wing First Class lounge joining Priority Pass tomorrow was apparently an error.

I’m not buying that it was as simple. This listing was a well prepared data set including tailored access policy same like all other partner lounges they have. There has definitely been some negotiation in the background and I wouldn’t be surprised if this partnership actually pops back up at some point.