Reader Report: Lufthansa Senator Lounge In Frankfurt (Sunday – June 20, 2021)


A Friend of mine, also a reader, transited through Frankfurt yesterday (June 20, 2021) and decided to file a short piece on what was taking inside the Senator lounge.

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Here’s a short report from a reader:

Senator lounge at FRA

They allow in only vaccinated or recovered customers or those with recent (24hrs) neg test.

Those without such documents can go to “take-away lounge” near A26.

Then you must check-in using luca app or leave contact details (name, address, phone, time of visit).

In the lounge still no self service. Some items are prepacked (pretzels, gummy bears), coffee and soft drinks you can take on your own, but for very limited hot food (pumpkin soup of chicken stew) you must ask to be served. Same for wines and other alcohol.

According to the staff within 3 days they will be allowed to be more like a restaurant again.

To smoking room just 1 customer at the time (used to be 2 few months ago).


This definitely looks much better than when I have been there during the pandemic when you could NOT consume anything inside the lounge, but they had some items for you to take with you.

Let’s see how the lounge is in three weeks and time, and let’s hope that the First Class Terminal opens too!

I am still curious how diligently Lufthansa and the airport policies the N95 mask requirement? A friend told me that at least half of the employees had been wearing the usual surgical mask.