Lufthansa Now Sells Access To Their Frankfurt First Class Lounge For 149 EUR, Others From 29 EUR


Lufthansa has discovered a new source for ancillary revenue and is now actively marketing their airport lounge access including First Class lounges for prices between 29-149 Euro.

While Lufthansa has previously sold lounge access through Loungebuddy or via their ticket counter they have now made a specific site available where you can buy access directly from them.

Of course you could always check how much an upgrade bid or a cash upgrade would be rather than buying just the lounge access.

The price for lounge access ranges depending on the location between 29 Euro (Business Lounge Duesseldorf) to 149 Euro (First Class Lounge Frankfurt).

You can access Lufthansa’s Lounge Offer website here.

The prices are very moderate compared to their usual rate on Loungebuddy (about double).

The most interesting one that raised eyebrows was that they are now hawking their First Class Lounge in Frankfurt for 149 Euro per visit:

This is the description for the First Class Lounge:

Current Notice: Since June 1st, the Lufthansa First Class Lounge at Frankfurt Airport is pleased to welcome you as a guest again. The familiar personal service of the First Class Lounge has also been adapted to the current regulations. At present, you can choose from a high-quality take-away offer with a good selection of food and drinks. As soon as the official regulations permit, further services, such as the “á la carte” service, will be reintroduced into the offer. Please note that to access our lounges, you must present a negative Coronavirus test, proof that you have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered from infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. You’ll receive a warm welcome here: Lufthansa staff will be waiting for you in the reception area to deal with any requests you may have and to provide you with information about your lounge stay and your onward flight. First work, then play: the spacious Office Units in the First Class Lounge are fully equipped with everything you need – from a powerful PC to a telephone system and a notepad. You’ll also find every type of power connection for your mobile devices – you won’t need an adaptor here. When you are ready to relax, the lounge offers exclusive areas and everything you need to pass the time agreeably. Perhaps you would like to visit the library, the Cigar Lounge or the bar? The former boasts a wonderful selection of books, and the latter fine tobacco products, international spirits and exotic cocktails. The product range within the lounges has been adapted to the current guidelines, taking into account the current constraints. Our current food and beverages offerings has been affected by this and is available only to a limited extend.

I have already seen a picture of the current a la carte menu at the First Class lounge so a limited menu is definitely back.

In addition Lufthansa has also set certain rules for using the lounge:

  • Purchasing lounge access does not need any loyalty system membership, membership status or a specific booking class.
  • Access to the lounge is restricted to the date on the booking confirmation and demands a valid boarding pass for the same day from any airline.
  • Free access for kids under the age 2 accompanied by an adult.
  • No access for passengers in airlines uniform.
  • Lounge access purchase is only permitted for non-entrepreneurial usage.
  • Lufthansa takes SARS-CoV-2 prevention seriously, and is taking care to ensure that the necessary measures are implemented in accordance with local guidelines. For this reason, only a reduced product range is currently available in the lounge. Access will not be permitted for individuals with cold-like symptoms. Face masks covering the mouth and nose are required for all guests. Physical distancing rules (1.5 meters), including sitting directly next to or across from other people, will be enforced (with the exception of members from your own household).

Interesting part is that any airline is eligible for this, you could fly Ryanair and buy Lufthansa First Class Lounge access provided you can access the same terminal (just an example).

An interesting wording is that “Lounge access purchase is only permitted for non-entrepreneurial usage” which is probably put in there to exclude certain people from using the lounge for filming purposes (Bloggers, Youtubers) or those who randomly talk to people in order to try talking them into some sort of deal (customer acquisition). This way Lufthansa would reserve the right to kick such people out even with a paid access pass. Of course this is also subject to further interpretation.

A rather annoying problem is the requirement to you must present a negative Coronavirus test, proof that you have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered from infection. Keep that in mind when planning to visit any Lufthansa lounge.

The access policy for Lufthansa’s First Class lounges usually requires to be a Lufthansa Group First Class passenger (including connecting flights on the same ticket), holding HON Circle status or presenting an American Express Centurion Card for access.


Lufthansa is now actively marketing their lounge access to passengers no matter what airline they fly. This could be an interesting addition to some peoples trip, especially the First Class lounge even though 149 Euro is a steep price and you probably have to be a very good eater / drinker to make that investment worthwhile.

I recommend to keep the access rules / terms of this offer in mind before buying a pass for whatever reason. Lufthansa must be desperate for cash, I wonder what their projected and real revenue results are going to be from this campaign.