Finnair Further Extends Tier Validity & Points Expiry July 2021

Finnair has extended its Finnair Plus member tiers by every six months rather than having a proper longer-term plan in place.

Fabulous Fridays Finnair

The airline will extend tiers by an additional six months in June/July 2021, plus further waives points expiry through March 2022.

You can access Finnair Plus here.

Here’s the information that Finnair sent out:


Finnair has only operated a handful of long-haul fights weekly, mainly to Asia, and its “express” carrier Norra has handled most of the European network using ATR and Embraer planes.

As the country is slowly opening up first for arrivals from EU/Schengen, I would expect the schedule to ramp up as well slowly.

The Asian network has been the bed and butter business for Finnair for years due to the geological location of Helsinki – Vantaa Airport. However, that business will stay suppressed for several years and will inevitably greatly impact the airline majority-owned by the state.

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