Italy Welcomes Americans, Canadians & Japanese With Negative Test Or Vaccination Record


Italy has changed its entry rules effective June 21, 2021, making it easier for visitors from the United States, Canada, and Japan to enter the country.

You only need to have proof of completed vaccination, have a negative antigen test performed not more than 48 hours of arrival, have evidence of having recovered from Covid-19 (no more than six months old).

You can access Italy’s page for Covid-19 travel information here.

Note that there is not a requirement to arrive on specific direct flights from the United States as previously. There is no need to self-isolate or to get tested upon arrival.

Here are the rules as of today (June 22, 2021):

If you are travelling to Italy from Canada, Japan or the United States:

  • You must fill out a digital Passenger Locator Form (or, in case of lack of necessary technology, a self-declaration);
  • As soon as you enter the national territory, you must inform your Local Health Authority of reference.
  • You may present to the carrier, or any other authorised person, a Covid Certificate (also known as Green Pass or Covid-19 Green Certificate) issued by your local health authorities in Canada, Japan or the USA, showing proof that you have either:
    • been vaccinated against COVID-19 with an EMA authorised vaccine and you have completed the prescribed vaccination cycle since at least fourteen (14) days;
    • received a negative result of a molecular or antigenic test carried out in the 48 hours before your arrival;
    • recovered from COVID-19 and you are no longer under prescription of self-isolation.

Covid Certificate compliant with Italian (and EU) rules will allow travellers from Canada, Japan or the United States to enter Italy without having to self-isolate and get tested after self-isolating.

If you are travelling from Canada, Japan or the United States but you cannot obtain a Covid Certificate compliant with Italian rules, you may enter Italy but you will have to follow the steps described above, from 1 to 6.

Children under the age of six (6) are always exempt from the requirement of a molecular or antigenic test but must still self-isolate. Travellers under the age of eighteen (18) are exempt from the requirement of self-isolation only if they are accompanied by an adult who has a Digital Covid Certificate.

Border Officers in Italy may always request that you fill out a paper-based self-statement upon arrival.

Further restrictions to movements may be adopted at national and/or regional level depending on the risk assessment carried out on a regular basis by the Ministry of Health. You can find useful information on local restrictions on the website of the Ministry of Health, by clicking: Containment Measures in Italy.

Certain categories of travelers may be exempt from the aforesaid requirements, provided that they do not show symptoms of COVID-19.


European countries are rapidly reopening from visitors from the United States and other developed nationals.

However, I am surprised that merely an antigen test is enough and not proof of complete vaccination like some other countries require.

If you plan to visit other European Union or Schengen countries after Italy, you should check their entry requirements.