Hilton Las Vegas Resorts World 7,500 Bonus Points Per Stay Through September 3, 2021


Hilton Las Vegas Resorts World, with three hotels, has a Grand Opening today and is bookable for everyone else from tomorrow.

Hilton has launched a bonus opportunity of 7,500 Honors points per stay at any of the three hotels through September 3, 2021, for reservations booked by July 31.

You can access Hilton’s page for Resorts World here and Resorts World’s here.

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Here’s information about the bonus opportunity:

There is no need to register as the bonus points will automatically post to each stay. Just make sure that you will have your Honors number on file and book by July 31st for stays through September 3.

Here’s more information about the three hotels:

Hilton has a rich history in Las Vegas:

Download (PDF, 2.37MB)


This is a monstrous project with 3,500 rooms over Hilton, Conrad, and LXR hotels in the complex and likely share many back-of-the-house functions.

The resort fees are high and what you get for them is next to nothing (remember that they are not points earning). Small concession from Hilton that Honors members earn a bonus of 7,500 for each stay for a launch period.