Reader Email: IHG Points Reservations – Keep Changing The Point Value?


A LoyaltyLobby reader asked us about award issues due to dynamic pricing and really getting the fourth night free (select credit cardholders).

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I wonder if anyone has found this problem that I am having.

I always book point reservations ahead as soon as the eleven month date comes up as available.  I usually had just gotten the day, modified to include the next etc.  If I want to use the points from “the beginning of the reservation” to move them to the end, I just would modify the dates and it would subtract the ones in the front and add them to the back. That way I could get the point reservation when it became available but was still able to play with the reservation with no consequence to points.

Now – flexible points – ugh.  I am sure I will never see points be LESS than the average for hotels I love.

I started making next year’s May / June vacation already and I have found that if you get a nice 59K for a few days you might be able to add to it as you go but then there will be a day that it will make all the old 59K dates re-evaluate themselves at the now-greater price value of 80K, making the whole reservation a lot more expensive point-wise.

So I make a new reservation and start putting nights on that, but now I won’t be able to use the stay three and get one night free with the credit card which I really love.  They are on different reservations so they won’t match up to a group of four.

I wanted to take off points at the beginning and move them to the end into the June dates that were coming up and it also did a total re-evaluation, making days that were 59K into 80K days.

Yikes.  I thought maybe I could have someone break it into four day chunks and then cancel the parts I don’t want in the beginning without affecting the whole rest of the reservation.

I don’t think that I myself can do that but I wonder if the hotel can or the IHG Ambassador phone line rep can do that.

Has anyone run into this yet?

The number of IHG Rewards points needed for award reservations mainly fluctuates in tandem with the paid rates valuing the point roughly at a half-cent each (+- 10% depending on the market and hotel).

When you modify the reservation, it essentially cancels the old one and rebooks at the current point values higher or lower.

My advice would be to book from the getco in four-day chunks to take advantage of the fourth night free for select IHG Rewards co-branded credit cardholders.

I doubt that the IHG Rewards or Ambassador service center can help with this issue unless you are willing to go through numerous rounds of emails, after which someone may make an exception.

Here’s what has happened with Dynamic awards so far:

IHG Rewards members further devalue Dyanamic awards by 30%.

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IHG corporate’s response to the dynamic award devaluation in April 2021.

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IHG keeps tinkering with the dynamic award pricing.

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It is regrettable that you now need to monitor your award reservations for lower rates and rebook to save points.

The IHG Rewards awards have become a cashback essentially, and most of the fun has been sucked out of the system.

There is still some value to be had with those who live in markets or have access to these credit cards with rebates or fourth-night free awards.