POV By Marriott Launch (Consumer Panel)


Marriott sent out invitations yesterday to many Bonvoy members inviting them to participate in POV by Marriott.

The purpose of this “community” or consumer panel is to provide replies to surveys and ideas that Marriott throws out and influence, not sure to what extent, what policies are put in place.

You can access Marriott here.

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Here’s the text on the email:


Several readers, and I too, received this POV by Marriott invitation yesterday. I had a look at the website, and there wasn’t much there beyond welcome messages by new members.

Many companies run similar consumer panels that appear to be having a second coming based on what we have covered as of late.

I would imagine that it would be the best way to probe the consumer and member satisfaction and where more resources are needed, to have someone to combine the reasons why consumers are currently dissatisfied with Marriott. This company has completely given up trying to provide even the most basic level of customer service even to top-tier members.