Spain, Portugal & Malta Start To Restrict Non-vaccinated UK Travelers


Spain opened for all tourist arrivals from the UK without vaccination or negative Covid-19 tests on May 24, 2021 (read more here), and Portugal on May 17th with a negative PCR-RT test (read more here).

Now, Spain, Portugal, and Malta will become more restrictive for arrivals from the UK due to more virulent Covid-19 variants and raising infection numbers.

You can access IATA’s page for travel restrictions here.


Travelers from the UK must have received complete vaccination or quarantine for 14 days from midnight.


Will also require travelers from the UK to be fully vaccinated from Wednesday.


Spain will also accept a negative PRT-RT test from those that have not been fully vaccinated yet. The requirement that also includes the Balearic islands will be in place within 72 hours.


It was inevitable that some Southern European countries would place breaks in place for arrivals outside of the EU/Schengen and perhaps even for intra-bloc arrivals if the epidemiological situation suddenly worsens.

Lisbon was in semi-lockdown last weekend trying to curb rising infection numbers. Why would you want to visit’s Portugal’s capital if restaurants must close at 3:30 PM?

I am on my way to Europe tomorrow for July and August, starting with Greece. Let’s hope that the situation doesn’t worsen suddenly (or I’m out!).

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