SWISS Air Lines Presents Their New Premium Economy Class, Deployed On Boeing 777-300ER Aircraft


SWISS Air Lines has unveiled their new Premium Economy Class seat today which will be available for Passengers on the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft at first.

The Premium Economy on SWISS has been anticipated for a while as the product became extremely popular with their mother company Lufthansa since inception of the product.

Roughly 7 years after Premium Economy was deployed on Lufthansa, SWISS will now get their very own product in an arguably bit more elegant design including a shell seat for passengers to enjoy.

Despite the cabin being brand new SWISS designers have decided to now make any distinction between the Premium Economy and regular Economy Cabin as they haven’t even installed a divider. The seats blend into each other without any physical separation, let alone lavatory access.

They announced the rollout on social Media such as on Twitter and Facebook and given the design of the cabin comments haven’t all been very positive to say the least.

You can access SWISS website with the product description of their new Premium Economy here.

You will love the comfortable seat, above all due to its innovative hard-shell design. You can adjust the seat effortlessly without disturbing your fellow passengers in the row behind you.

Functional details make all the difference in SWISS Premium Economy. Personal reading lamps provide lighting on night-time flights, while electronic devices can be charged using your own USB connection. The headrests have four adjustable settings, while the double armrest and discrete screening also offer further comfort and privacy.

The design of the seats is definitely appealing depending on your personal taste of course:

Here are the seat configurations:

Width 46 cm
Max. tilt 31 degrees
Screen size 15.6 inches
Connections USB A
Seat pitch 99 cm


The cabin itself has a 2-4-2 configuration in the few rows that the Premium Economy is actually available.

Meals will also be served in a more premium fashion:

This looks a lot better than what Lufthansa serves in Premium Economy which is essentially the same food as in Economy on china.


SWISS will deploy their new Premium Economy Class on the Boeing 777-300ER and the design as well as the overall cabin features are rather unique.

On one hand the product looks more premium than that on other airlines of the Lufthansa Group but there is no separation between cabins whatsoever. In the end the principle of “don’t knock it before you try it” applies and it’ll take a personal trial and error run to figure out for ourselves if this cabin is any good. I myself am a big fan of the Lufthansa Premium Economy based on their seat pitch, width and recline.