Aegean’s Face Mask Requirement?


Earlier in the week, we posted rules that Lufthansa Group of airlines (Lufthansa, Swiss, and Austrian) all have depending on the brand (read more here).

I was curious what Aegean’s official policy is when they allow “mesh” like see-through “fashion” masks on their flights, as I witnessed yesterday.

You can access Aegean’s page for Covid-19 policies here.

Here’s what Aegeans policy is:

Is it mandatory to wear a mask on board?

The use of the face mask is mandatory for all passengers except infants (0-2 years). For children up to 6 years, the use of face mask is optional. You are allowed to remove the face mask so that you can drink water or consume the offered meal. This process must be as short as possible so that you and your co-passengers can feel safe and secure. Please make sure you bring your own mask as you will need to wear it, from check in up until after your disembarkation at your destination as well as during the flight. Gloves are not obligatory.

Please note that visor masks are allowed only if they are used in combination with a mask. Ffp2 and ffp3 high respiratory protection masks with valve are not allowed since they filter the inhale air and not the exhale air.

Lufthansa Group’s rules:

Lufthansa Group’s Very Confusing Mask Rules


A person with a respiratory mask, who boarded a flight, was asked to put up a traditional face mask on, as these types of masks (respiratory) only protect the wearer and nobody else.

But it has certainly been interesting to witness what kind of face masks and coverings people have come up with. This lady on Aegean’s flight yesterday had the most ridiculous one I have seen so far.