AirBaltic Club Takes Over PINS Effective August 2, 2021


AirBaltic, the flag carrier of Latvia based in Riga, but direct flights from Tallinn and Vilnius too, has essentially had two separate programs; airBaltic Club for status benefits and PINS for collecting miles that they call points and stamps (how confusing).

AirBaltic Club will take over the separate company, Loyalty Services SIA, which handles the PINS, and I would assume PINS is eventually phased out.

You can access airBaltic here.

Here’s a copy of the email that airBaltic sent out to PINS members:

Important news about your PINS account

We’re making changes to our terms and conditions

Thank you for being our program member; we highly value your membership.

Currently, the PINS program is being reshaped and is set for a change to become airBaltic Club – the most attractive loyalty program for travelers in the Baltics. airBaltic Club is focused on airline rewards and travel related partners, such as hotels, car rentals, airports and more.

With these program improvements comes changes to our terms and conditions that will take effect on August 02, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know

Air Baltic Corporation AS is overtaking the business of Loyalty Services SIA as of August 02, 2021. Both companies belong to the same group of companies.
After the transfer of the business and data related to such business based on a legitimate interest, the data controller of your account data will be Air Baltic Corporation AS.
For your convenience, you can access the updated version of the airBaltic Club PINS Program Terms and Conditions here, and Privacy Policy here.

And here’s the most important information for you

If you wish to keep your membership in the airBaltic Club program with your current PINS account, remaining points balance and other available program benefits after the transfer, please click on the button below to accept the airBaltic Club PINS program Terms & Conditions.

If the program Terms & Conditions are accepted:

  • Your membership continues in the airBaltic Club program with your existing PINS account.
  • Your remaining PINS balance will stay in your airBaltic Club account after the data transfer, and you will be able to spend them in the airBaltic Club PINS online reward shop on travel-related rewards such as flights, gift cards and various travel vouchers.
  • Your account and your chosen communication preferences will remain active and you will be able to continue collecting PINS points and stamps for airBaltic flights, points for hotel bookings and other travel services.

If the new program Terms & Conditions are not accepted by July 31, 2021 and:

  1. You have a remaining PINS points balance on your account on July 31, 2021 and you have not closed your account, you will be able to redeem your PINS points until their expiry date. PINS points are valid for 3 years from the transaction date. In such case, your current PINS account will remain active until all your points expire. After the points expire, your account will be automatically closed unless you accept the program Terms & Conditions by that time thus showing your willingness to keep your account in the airBaltic Club loyalty program.
  2. Your points balance is zero on your account on July 31, 2021, your account will be automatically closed by August 31, 2021. To keep your account active, please accept the program Terms & Conditions by pressing the button above.

Please be informed that in case you don’t accept the airBaltic Club Terms & Conditions in this e-mail, but at the same time you do a new points accrual transaction, we will consider it as your willingness to continue participating in the airBaltic Club program according to the Terms & Conditions. In this case, your account will remain active in the airBaltic Club program unless you notify us about your intention to cancel your membership by choosing to close your airBaltic Club account.

Please be informed that you have the right to object to the transfer of your data and terminate your membership at any time or now by clicking the button “Close account” below. However, with all of the airBaltic Club program improvements planned ahead, we hope you will stay with us and enjoy even more attractive program benefits in the future.


I would say that the time is over for these points and miles programs that are handled outside of the airline. A few years ago, it was a huge fad to try spinning them off for cash, but there are more significant synergies to keep them in-house.

We’ll see if airBalric Club continues to call miles or points that you collect for PINS or STAMPS that, I don’t know precisely why, I find ridiculous.

I perhaps collected stamp cards with some F&B merchants years ago, but with an airline?