Finally Halfway Through The Lifetime Hyatt Globalist Requirement!


Many hotel and airline hotel loyalty programs offer lifetime tiers for members that have either flown, collected, or spend a certain number of miles, nights, or cash with the business.

Lifetime tiers come in handy because you are no longer required to fulfill yearly status qualification requirements, and at least at hotels, they may yield better upgrades.

You can access World of Hyatt here.

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I have been a top tier with Hyatt since the early 2000s, with a gap of a year or two when the program transformed from Gold Passport to World of Hyatt and promotional activities were slashed.

World of Hyatt Lifetime Globalist Requirement:

Hyatt’s only requirement for a lifetime Globalist status is to have earned 1,000,000 base points that essentially is $200,000 in hotel spend that is not credited to partner programs.

Hyatt had some lucrative promotions in the 2000s when crediting cheap stays to select airlines with a bonus made sense, but those days are long gone.

You can find the number of base points earned in the current calendar year on the website, but the lifetime count is missing.

But this information is included in some account update emails. I have just passed half a million earned base points on my most recent stay in Rio de Janeiro.


Marriott requires you to have spent a certain number of nights and having been an elite for a set number of years for various levels (Silver, Gold & Platinum). In contrast, Hilton’s lifetime Diamond requires 10 years at the status level + 1,000 consumed nights or 2,000,000 earned base points.

Hyatt’s Lifetime Globalist status is purely based on spend, and you can earn it in a year. Just have multiple meetings and events at Hyatt-affiliated hotels, and you can easily bank it.

My earned based points were roughly 70K last year and currently standing at 43K points. So if I continue with the current path, the lifetime Globalist should be reachable by the end of this decade.