Watch Out For Avianca LifeMiles Expiry On July 31, 2021


Avianca LifeMiles has extended miles expiry twice during the pandemic, most recently in late December (read more here).

It appears that no more extensions are coming, and many member accounts, including mine, are cleaned of miles on July 31, 2021, based on an email that Avianca sent out.

You can access LifeMiles here.

Email that LifeMiles sent (Google translate from Spanish):


I would think that many LifeMiles members haven’t had any transactions for a while whose accounts are in danger zeroed out at the end of this month unless we take some action.

The amount of miles I have in my account is so insignificant that I’ll probably just let them expire. I could have credited one Avianca segment to LifeMiles last year when I traveled around Colombia to extend the expiry, but I didn’t.

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