Rapid Antigen Test In Mexico City


When I have written pieces about the most recent entry changes during my travels, a couple of readers have noted that getting a rapid antigen test in Mexico City is super easy and relatively inexpensive.

This is indeed the case, but as I was traveling from Mexico City to Mykonos last week on two separate tickets (one ended and another one began), I had three transits with an overnight in Barcelona, and I wanted to ensure that I fulfill the requirements to enter the final destination of Greece.

There are many rapid antigen test options in Mexico City (neither Spain nor Greece requires PCR-RT) that start at less than 300 pesos ($15).

As I wanted a test done quite close to my departure from Mexico City, although not at the airport with close to immediate results, I decided to go with the same company who administered a PCR-RT test for me earlier this year:

Fast Covid-19 PCR-RT Test Experience In Mexico City

And I did one in Purto Vallarta too:

Covid-19 Test Experience At The Puerto Vallarta (PVR) Airport In Mexico

The price of someone coming to the hotel (Hilton Mexico City Reforma) to administer it was 1,000 pesos, and the results would be ready in 15 minutes. This was expensive for Mexico City, but I am prepared to pay a bit for the convenience.

I had not previously seen these Abbot rapid antigen test devices that show the result in few minutes.

The technician/nurse just took an image of the device, uploaded it to their system, that then emailed me the document suitable for an airline:


I counted that I had previously done seven PCT-RT tests (Oulu, Paris, Helsinki, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Tallin, and Barcelona) and one test in Playa del Carmen to ensure that I had Covid-19 antibodies in my blood.

This was my first rapid antigen test, and the nose cleaning was roughly the same experience as with the PCR-RT tests. I do like the fact of how fast you get the results.

These antigen tests are not as reliable as PCR-RT to correctly identify whether you are infected with the Covid-19, and positive tests should be confirmed with the PCR-RT.

And yes. I did use the empty crew lounge at the Hilton to get this test done.