Accor ALL Hong Kong Quadruple Points July 21 – September 21, 2021

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Accor is about to launch its latest offer for stays in Hong Kong this summer between July 21 – September 21, 2021.

Accor Live Limitless (ALL) members earn quadruple points for stays during the promotional period after registering for this offer and then booking.

You can access this offer on Accor’s website here.

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Here are the participating hotels:


The T&Cs mention that this offer would be valid for stays in Greater China, yet this promo page only refers to the hotels in Hong Kong.

I have contacted Accor to see if the terms are correct, and they have a separate landing page for other participating regions and the mainland.

Here are the terms in Chinese:

In English (Google Translate – appears to struggle a bit):

1. General ALL-Accor Live Limitless terms and conditions apply to 4 times bonus points. Offer and you must be an ALL-Accor Live Limitless member to enjoy the benefits.

2. To enjoy this discount, ALL-Accor Live Limitless, a customer of Accor Live Limitless, Zhongru Chengye members must (from July 15, 2021 to September 15, 2021, Central European Time)

Register your friends immediately, press the button and follow the instructions to register for the promotion.

The pre-training theory produced later can enjoy this advantage

3. This offer is applicable to ALL-Accor Live Limitless Accor Live Limitless members of all levels. Members can rather negotiate to participate in ALL-Accor Live Limitless Accor Live Limitless.

Users of the loyalty program refer to the hotel to earn 4 times bonus points.

According to ALL-Accor Live Limitless, the general terms and conditions of Accor Live Limitless are generally used. This benefit is a bonus point provided by the member’s conditional check-in to earn bonus points. Fortunately, the bonus points are provided by the extra amount of level points.

After the check-in is completed, the accumulated points will be credited to the member’s account through two transactions: If the member Zhu subscribes to the discount ALL-Accor Live Limitless Accor Live Limitless, the corresponding points worth of points that the Accor Live Limitless member should have will be credited to the member’s account through the first transaction
2/ The extra points earned by subscribing to the offer will be credited to the member’s account in the second transaction
A count of six corresponds to the submission. E.g
ALL-Accor Live Limitless
Members can receive up to 4 times the reward points
Earn 250 Tier Points and 250 L/9 from eligible check-in in the box
ALL due to
Accor Live Limitless C) Yuejie members will also receive an extra 750 bonus points earned through this offer, which is 4 times the points
Members will enter the training hotels in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Mongolia from July 15, 2021 to September 15, 2021.
, And book from July 15, 2021 to September 15, 2021, Central European Time (081) 1159PM. 2 nights to Ermiaozhou.
4 live 5
6 Consecutive stays in the same hotel (check-out and check-in on the same day) will be regarded as one enlistment Summing is eligible to enjoy 4 times bonus points once

This is the purpose of this promotion, the reason for the idea of ​​a Liang Shaozhou ALL -Accor Live Limitle

The Yu Ting is also only counted as (1) stay. Examples of including bonus points and level points

One or more rooms that have been used for this time. In other words
(1) Guest
7 bedrooms
For the ALL-Accor Live Limitless, Accor Live Limitless members will receive 3 and room nights when they are eligible after the completion of the first state owner.

8 female mouth smoked to enjoy this excellent accommodation must be straight banyan reciting Accor
Official reservation center or directly at the hotel reception) or through reservation

Accor, Accor Mobile APP, ALL Zhigao Hotel Accor Hotel Reservation Center’s door crack charge travel agency pre-booking. i Stacking middlemen, travel agencies or third parties

Fang Youlian travel agency (such as expediacom. Bookingcom

9 You must provide your ALL-Accor Live Lim when booking

Buyuejie membership card number and present your membership card at the front desk of the hotel when you check in.

bOALL -Accor Live Limitless Reward Points will be credited to the member’s account within 10 days after meeting in the Shu State House.

11 It can be used in conjunction with other current promotional offers and is not applicable to groups.
If Zhuqi meets the terms and conditions of the multi-i harassment, only the highest discounted cloth 12 pieces or all of them will use ALL-Accor Live Limitless.

The target reward points will be added to your gambler (that is, you can get the highest number of reward points). This offer is not applicable to accommodations that are paid for with reward points.


This offer is subject to hotel availability. The general terms and conditions of sale are applicable to Ding Xing Ting accommodation in Ming Hotel’s store. Please indicate the reference number 013910 in all communications related to this promotion and AccorHotels’ Electric Weekly House Center or Yan 08 Hotline