England Travel Rules Change For Double Vaccinated On July 19, 2021


The Transport Secretary today announced changes for double vaccinated residents of England no longer have to quarantine when returning from Amber list countries from July 19, 2021.

Returning residents still need to do pre-departure and day two (on return) PCR-RT tests (expensive) that add to the cost of short European family holidays. The England government will review the traffic light system and countries next time on July 31, 2021.

You can access UK’s page for England travel rules here.

Note that it appears that these rules only apply to nationals and residents of England. There could be different rules for visitors and regions of the UK.


This is the first step of opening the border for residents of England that no longer need to quarantine when returning from amber countries as long as they have received the complete vaccination effective July 19, 2021.

England is also considering if cheaper and faster tests are accepted in the future. Many countries now also allow antigen tests to be used when you get the results on the spot (read my experience doing an antigen test in Mexico City here).

Those living in England also need to check the requirements of the destination country. Not all the countries on the amber list allow arrivals from the UK at the moment without quarantine or testing.