Hilton “CleanStay” Ends & “DirtyStay” Begins


We reported back in May (read more here) about changes that Hilton had made on its website regarding “CleanStay” policies that had turned dirty, making housekeeping available only by request, and opting in guests automatically declining all the housekeeping services during their stay.

Hilton has now clarified that the new “CleanStay” that you could rebrand “DirtyStay” has been rolled out in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East as of July 5, 2021. Only luxury brands (Waldorf Astoria, Conrad & LXR) still provide housekeeping services in all the regions.

You can access Hilton’s “CleanStay” policies here.

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Update that Hilton has posted on its website:


For your comfort, we want your stay to be as undisturbed as possible. Guests are invited to tailor their housekeeping services to their comfort level. To schedule, simply call the front desk. Additional amenities such as linens and toiletries are available upon request, delivered in protective packaging and placed at the guest room door.

Of course, all guest rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests.

Please note, all Waldorf Astoria, Conrad and LXR properties have daily housekeeping as well as all of our properties in Asia Pacific. However, control over your stay is up to you, guests at any of our 18 brands can tailor their housekeeping services to their comfort level by contacting the front desk.


Housekeeping Upon Request.

Housekeeping is now available upon request. Please call the front desk if you’d like your room cleaned. If you want to skip room cleaning during your stay but need extra towels or amenities, the hotel can arrange that for you.


The Covid-19 pandemic is likely the best ever outcome for hotels and chains they ever could have dreamed of. As a result, they have been able to push through cuts in services and make them permanent, which would have been difficult, if not impossible, during normal times.

Hotel executives have claimed during the earnings calls that making these housekeeping cuts permanent will save a significant amount of money, leading to better long-term profitability.

The union representing many hotel employees in the United States estimates that moving away from daily housekeeping and making it by request only will lead to a 39% reduction in the number of employees needed.

It was not that long time ago when hotels gave you points or credits to skip housekeeping on certain days, and now suddenly you are opted in for declining it for the duration of your stay?

The real reason behind chains pushing their apps is eliminating most of the front desk staff too, and perhaps making the digital key eventually mandatory for select-service hotels.

When you eliminate lounges, breakfasts, and daily housekeeping, and soon front desks, what are the differentiators between hotels and other forms of lodging (Airbnb, etc.), and what is the worth of having a status or paying a premium to stay at a former full-service hotel that basically transformed to a select service one?

I understand that not everyone needs or wants daily housekeeping. That is fine. I do, however, have a problem when you automatically opt everybody in declining housekeeping rather than asking at the time of checking in.