TAP Sends Out An Email Mentioning Refunds


TAP this week send out an email that reminded me of a commitment that the CEO of Airberlin made before the airline collapsed (read more here).

The CEO of TAP claims that they have “responded,” her words – not mine, to 93% of customer requests that must be an utter lie considering that many have not been able to contact the airline over the phone, and others seeking refunds, have been brushed off unless they follow up multiple times chasing their cash.

You can access TAP here.

A court in Germany froze the airline bank accounts due to not paying compensation to passengers per the EU law and cases filed in the country (read more here), and yet the CEO “claims” that they work “tirelessly” to offer excellent service. I am not sure what airline she is referring to.

TAP’s email:

Remember the cases with Airberlin?


Whine Wednesdays: Airberlin’s Unwillingness Or Inability To Pay Up


TAP is one of the airlines from which I would not buy a ticket unless very short notice due to their dishonoring of law. Not only when it comes to refunds but also rebooking passengers on other carriers in case of cancellation and delays.

I hope that the Portuguese government has recapitalized the airline that has been selling tickets at such low prices in the past few months that reminded me of “let’s keep the lights on” sales businesses often have before their “sudden” crash.

If you purchase a ticket on them, there is absolutely no guarantee, applies to other airlines too, whether the flight operates or not.