Qatar’s Very Confusing Transit Requirements – Is PCR-RT Test Required Or Not?


Qatar updated the entry requirements to the country on July 9 that were in place from yesterday (read more here), again allowing vaccinated tourists to enter the country.

At the same time, they added a weird requirement that indicated that all passengers transiting through the Hamad International would need a negative PCR-RT test or two (read more here), which made very little sense because it would be detrimental for the country’s flag carrier.

You can access Qatar’s website here and the states for entry requirements here.

Here’s what the State of Qatar still states on its website:

All passengers traveling through the State of Qatar (Transit) must present a (PCR) test certificate before travelling, valid for 72 hours from arrival, and if another PCR test is needed for their next destination, the test can be conducted at Hamad International Airport for a fixed charge of Qrs. 300 per  test.

A reader was in touch with Qatar Airways customer service that tries to convince that these requirements are NOT in place:


What a mess! The transit requirements that the State of Qatar has up on its website contradict the one that Qatar Airways publishes and that are beneficial to the airline.

The business of Qatar Airways would be significantly curtailed if even transit passengers would need a test or two when choosing to fly with the airline through Doha.

There were Covid-19 PCR-RT test requirements in place with some European airlines and perhaps Etihad, but most, if not, all of these requirements have been withdrawn (not sure what is going on with the National Airlines of the UAE – Etihad).

The State of Qatar and Qatar Airways are so intertwined that it would be difficult to see the country put in place rules that are detrimental to its flag carrier.