Whine Wednesdays: Latest Uber Driver Scam In Brazil – Claims That Car Suddenly Broke


I thought that I had seen all possible driver scams with Uber that I have reported here on LoyaltyLobby over the years.

On my most recent trip to Brazil, I managed to experience a new one. After the driver dropped me off and continued the journey to the final destination, he claimed that the car broke down and dumped the other passengers in the middle of nowhere.

I got a notice that the car was not moving and if there is an issue. My friend said that the vehicle “broke” down and the drive had asked him to leave the car, and soon the vehicle with the driver took off.

Apparently, the driver didn’t like the fare or didn’t want to continue to the destination (why did he accept the ride?).

The driver never ended the trip, and I had to do it, meaning that I could not leave any rating (they know this). So I ordered another card, and my friend managed to get to the destination.

Here’s the chat that I had with the Uber support:

The experience was finally resolved, and the entire trip was refunded.

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I just counted, and I had used Uber a total of 258 times in Mexico and Brazil in the first half of 2021. So I have probably used the service closed to 10K times by now (at one point in my original account, I was around 5K).

Uber needs to make sure that the drivers they use are good and dump promptly those that are not.

The driver who picked us up had a rating of 4.7 that should have been a red flag. I usually cancel rides from drivers if their rating is less than 4.8. There is a reason why they are not highly rated.

I also hate that you need four to five rounds of messages with Uber before fixing these issues. You first get an automated reply, then something that has nothing to do with the case on hand, and once you escalate, someone with the reading comprehension skills reviews it and issues a refund.

Overall, I am satisfied with the service compared to using “metered” taxis in various countries.