Marriott CEO Blames Amazon For Difficulty Hiring Employees


Many hotels in the United States blame staff shortages for their inability to provide even essential services such as housekeeping or keeping F&B outlets open.

Marriott’s CEO gave an interview to Bloomberg TV this week and blamed Amazon for their difficulty hiring employees (and paying too high wages – essentially).

You can access the Bloomberg interview here.

Also, many hotels would prefer keeping employees on hand only during the busy days read weekends while not giving them any hours during weekdays.

Why associates would choose this when Amazon started to pay $15 per hour in 2018 and most recently raised this to $17 for new hires?

What Marriott pays per Payscale:

And Amazon:


One of the executives of a hotel company that owns and manages properties under various flags recently suggested that guests tip their employees more so that hiring would be easier.

I have a novel idea. Why are hospitality sector companies unwilling to pay a living wage to attract competent employees and give them a good career path?

The times of paying $10 to $12 per hour for employees In the United States is gone and should be.