Reader Question: Why Points From Marriott Bonvoy Chase Cobranded Cards Are Not Credited To Member Accounts?


A LoyaltyLobby reader contacted us about an issue getting points from Marriott’s cobranded credit cards with Chase posted timely in member accounts. Transfers are currently not taking place.

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Here’s the question from the reader:

I totally enjoy your daily email and have learned and benefited greatly from many of your postings. Thank you.

I am a Lifetime Titanium member and have had the Chase Premier Credit Card for many years( $85 annual fee, 15 elite nights/year, yearly free night(25K points), did not upgrade a few years ago).

My Marriott points have always posted like clockwork within 48 hours of my closing date. This did not happen with my late June Statement. I have called Titanium line and Chase twice each.

Both “are aware of the issue”, and acknowledge that there have been multiple reports of the same issue. Chase states that the points have been transferred to Bonvoy.

But, neither can credit my account with the missing points, well over 10K. Both quote that” points may take up to 8 weeks to post.”It has been 3 weeks, and my July statement is due in 10 days. Help please!

I was wondering what is going on here and contacted Marriott that claims that there is an issue with Chase:

Chase knows this issue is a priority and they’re actively working on correcting it.


Something is broken with Chase and Marriott if points from their affiliated credit card spend are not correctly credited to member accounts on time.

You would think that the transfer of data takes place daily.

Chase blames Marriott, while Marriott says that there is an issue at Chase’s end. Members don’t care but want their points promptly credited to accounts. Let’s hope that this issue is rectified.