Reader Email: Promised Refund Not Processed By SAS?


A LoyaltyLobby reader contacted us about a refund situation with SAS – Scandinavian Airlines. The airline has promised a refund within 5 days, but the refund has not been processed, and the department is unreachable.

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You can access SAS here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

I’d like to inform you about some PR problem with SAS (Skandinavian Airlines).

I booked flights for my sister and her kids almost 2 years ago. We made a plan they will fly with SAS from Chicago via Copenhagen to Gdansk (Poland). Then covid changed all world plans. There was nothing we could do. We cancelled tickets and since I don’t wanted to be this „bad” customer who wants money back immediately, I agreed with issue me voucher (refundable after 1 year for cash). Within valid of this voucher (it was issued for about 3,5k EUR), I booked another flights but rest of value I kept (about ~600EUR).

When 1 year gone, I was able to refund this voucher into my bank account. I called and made sure that it is working like that with customer service of SAS. On June 9, 2021 I applied about refund, I added my bank account details and I got information: „we will process it within 5 business days”. After a week I called them again… and after another week again. Since that day there is no message, no information about refund only „refund is in progress”.

I contacted with customer service by phone and always they say: „there is no way to contact with our refund department; what can we do is to write an e-mail to them”. I really feel like I can’t contact, nobody can help me and my money (actually which I was waiting for) are still frozen.

I forwarded the reader’s email to SAS’ press department to see if they have issues processing refunds.

The spokesperson sent us the following note:

I will forward this to our customer service in order to see what might be the problem.

We refund all our passengers that are entitled according regulations and ticket rules.

We will contact Mr REMOVED as soon as possible.

I was in touch with the reader, and they hadn’t heard anything from SAS.


Many airlines and some hotels have had great difficulty refunding payments for canceled flights and hotels that were closed. I find this inexcusable.

Suppose the hotel or airline is insolvent to the extent that they are incapable of processing refunds. In that case, they should go back to their owners and seek more capital or file for bankruptcy protection or liquidation.

I am not sure what the situation is with the SAS, however. Have other readers had difficulty getting refunds from them?

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