John Ollila

The principal author and founder of LoyaltyLobby, John has been traveling non-stop since 2004 for both business and leisure.

Originally from Finland, John studied at the Helsinki School of Economics before accepting a scholarship to the United States where he completed an MBA in Finance at a notable university. While he had already taken his first around-the-world trip at age 20, John’s MBA and his skill at analyzing hotel and airlines programs ignited a wanderlust that has taken him to over 80 countries and continues to this day.

As a cosmopolitan, John has spent the last 10 years staying in the world’s finest hotels, visiting world class cities and enjoying the perks of First Class airline travel, all by strategically making use of hotel and airline loyalty programs.

Annually John flies 150,000-250,000 miles and through his travels has earned more than ten million frequent flyer and hotel points thus earning him top-tier elite status in all airline alliances and major hotel chains.

Through LoyaltyLobby, John shares his unique analysis and tips on how to strategically maximize your hotel and airlines miles and points earning power for you to enjoy free flights, free hotel nights and upgrades.

Sebastian Powell

A contributing editor to this blog, Sebastian has had a passion for aviation and travel since an early age and has lived in six different countries since 2003.

Originally from Germany, Sebastian studied Business Management and worked in related positions for various companies including Lufthansa and the Thomas Cook Group before obtaining his BA and Masters Degree in Vancouver, Canada.

Currently residing in Japan, Sebastian has earned a combined six million frequent flier miles through his travel while also holding various Lifetime Status Level with airlines and hotel chains. Per year, he spends 150-175 nights in the finest hotels and flies approximately 150,000 miles on different airlines.

Sebastian contributes to LoyaltyLobby on a regular basis to share his views and in-depth analysis on a variety of topics in the world of travel, miles and points.

Kevin John

Another contributing editor to the blog, Kevin lives in the United States and travels extensively for both business and leisure.

After receiving a marketing degree and MBA, he has held various positions over the years requiring frequent business travel both domestically and internationally. Combined with his leisure trips, he flies over 100,000 miles and spends over 100 nights in hotels each year.

Kevin currently holds elite status with 4 airlines, 6 hotel chains and 2 rental car companies, and in addition to traveling, has amassed over 2 million miles and hotel points in the last decade solely through credit card bonuses and other non travel-related activity.

While Kevin enjoys traveling in international First Class and staying in 5-star hotels on occasion, he is always looking to find the best values to stretch his travel dollars and loyalty points even further.  He isn’t afraid to travel in Economy class or stay in a limited-service hotel once in a while as well.