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Lufthansa Miles&More Guide To Revenue Based Earning For All Tickets Booked March 12, 2018 And Beyond

Lufthansa Miles&More has now published the details about their change to a revenue based frequent flyer program, affecting all tickets purchased (issued) on March 12th, 2018 and beyond.

Lufthansa had initially (last night) published an announcement of these news on their application but only mentioned that date and that there will be changes but didn’t provide a live link with explanations. 

Delta’s Operations in ATL Affected By Winter Storm Causing 970 Cancellations Friday & 290 On Saturday

Inclement weather in the southern state of Georgia (among others) has strongly affected Delta’s operations in Atlanta causing 970 flight cancellations Friday and 290 Saturday.

Delta has extended a travel waiver allowing for free changes to existing reservations until December 10th.

UBER Now Offers Transfer Services Between Bangkok And Surrounding Cities (Incl Hua Hin & Pattaya), But There Might Be A Catch!


UBER has now officially added the service option for their Bangkok, Thailand based customers to hail rides for long distance transfers such to the popular coastal cities of Hua Hin, Pattaya and Rayong.

The instructions of how to actually proceed with the booking however aren’t a good sign and spell plenty of problems ahead for those who actually intend to use the service for such a transfer.

Lufthansa Miles&More Expands Online Booking Capability To Even More (Now 26) Star Alliance Members

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Lufthansa Miles&More started in late October to make Star Alliance partner redemptions available through their website has now added further carriers to the list that customer can book that way.

The total amount of airlines that can be booked through the online tool is now 26 which finally allows Miles and More customers to use their miles without having to call in most instances.

Fabulous Fridays: Premium Rental Car Vehicles In The Hertz Gold Choice Aisle


This week our Fabulous Friday is about renting Hertz cars in the U.S. and being able to select cars from the Hertz Gold Choice aisle where I found very decent vehicles that would often go as premium.

Hertz in the U.S. has modified their vehicle categories over the years to the point where cars that used to be their basic Full Size are now considered premium and pre-assigned upgrades were often laughable.

Egypt Now Offers E-Visa To Travelers Seeking To Circumvent Visa On Arrival Process


Visitors to Egypt are used to purchasing a visa label at the currency exchange booths upon each arrival as part of the visa on arrival process but now Egypt has finally rolled out their e-Visa system.

Those who wish to circumvent the visa on arrival process can now process and pay for their visa online ahead of their trip at the same cost.

Turkish Airlines RFID Baggage Tags For Miles&Smiles Status Customers Now Available To Order


Turkish Airlines has sent out emails that RFID Baggage Tags are now available for Miles&Smiles customers to help trace their baggage.

Customers are prompted to confirm their address on file in order to have the baggage tags delivered to them.

Lufthansa Timepass Now Available For Customers To Purchase Fixed Packages Of Flight Time

Lufthansa has rolled out yet another offer as alternatives to traditional air tickets, namely an option to purchase the actual time in the air based on the scheduled duration of the flights: Timepass.

While on the surface of it there might be some real deals to be had there are also some serious drawbacks in the fine print which we want to have a look at.

Lufthansa Receives Skytrax Five Star Certification, But Do They Really Deserve It?


Germany’s Lufthansa has been presented with the coveted Skytrax Five Star Airline Award this week, making them the 9th airline in total bearing this title.

You can expect promotional campaigns and materials being updated with this certification plus a flood of advertisement emails as it has been the case with previous airlines. 

American Airlines Buy & Gift AAdvantage Miles Up To 120,000 Bonus Until January 4, 2018

American Airlines has launched a new Buy & Gift AAdvantage Miles campaign with up to 120,000 bonus miles for purchases made between December 4th – January 4, 2018.

American Airlines upped a while back the number of miles that you can buy before any bonuses to 150,000 every calendar year. Remember that the account that buys or receives miles must be a minimum of 30 days old.

Waldorf Astoria New York To Begin Major Renovation This Month, Reducing The Property To Just 350 Rooms

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The Waldorf Astoria New York which was sold back in 2014 to Chinese insurer Anbang for close to $2B will finally begin their renovations this month after closing down in March.

The renovation will be a gigantic overhaul, slimming down room inventory by over a thousand to just 350 luxurious guestrooms while the remaining space will be converted to residential units.

New Lufthansa Miles & More Mileage Bargains Are Out With Many Long Haul Destinations In Business Class (Qingdao, Osaka, Vancouver etc.)

Lufthansa Miles&More has just published their new list for the popular Mileage Bargains or Meilenschnaeppchen as they are being called in German.

The Mileage Bargains offer a comprehensive list of destinations that can be booked for a vastly reduced amount of Miles&More miles and this time around the selection is excellent for spring time destinations.

Update: Original Routing Credit From British Airways Executive Club For Malaysia Airlines Flight Disruption


A few weeks ago I wrote about a bad experience with a delayed Malaysia Airlines flight and that I was rebooked to a Star Alliance direct flight instead, leading me to claim original routing credit with BAEC.

British Airways responded positive to my request, however they required to check directly with Malaysia Airlines in order to verify my claim which was done in the past two weeks.

Avianca Buy LifeMiles Up To 125% Bonus Campaign Until December 20, 2017

Just a few days after the previous promotion ended, Avianca LifeMiles has launched a new promotion for buying miles and is offering up to 125% bonus for purchases made until December 20, 2017.

LifeMiles members can purchase up to 200,000 miles every calendar year. Some members may have higher, individually targeted offers than others.

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