American Airlines AABRN Offer Get 30K Bonus Miles for 5 RT’s

There seems to be yet another Bourne movie coming out soon. American Airlines is offering a Bourne “theamed” promotion for up to 30000 bonus miles after five returns.


This promotion is valid for tickets issued on July 18th or later and for travel from September 4th to November 15th, 2012. You need to register for this promotion prior to your travel for the bonus miles to kick in.

The number of bonus miles you earn depends on the number of return trips you take:

1 round-trip = 1,000 bonus miles
2 round-trips = 3,000 bonus miles, for a total of 4,000 miles
3 round-trips = 6,000 bonus miles, for a total of 10,000 miles
4 round-trips = 9,000 bonus miles, for a total of 19,000 miles
5 round-trips = 11,000 bonus miles, for a total of 30,000 miles


Thing to note here is that this promotion is NOT valid on the lowest coach fares in N, Q, and O buckets. It is nice promotion nevertheless, if you are going to ticket fares that book into higher fare classes and can pocket the bonus miles in the process.

Here are the terms and conditions of this promotion:

To qualify, members must fly on eligible purchased, published-fares (excludes fares booked in N, O and Q) on flights marketed and operated by American Airlines, American Eagle or the AmericanConnection carrier between September 4, 2012 and November 15, 2012. Registration prior to travel and before midnight, CDT, September 15, 2012 is required. Registration for the American Airlines AAdvantage Welcome To The Program Sweepstakes at before August 31, 2012 is also required to qualify for this offer. Travel must be booked between July 12, 2012 and September 15, 2012. The bonus is not retroactive to reservations booked prior to July 12, 2012. A round trip is defined as two one-way trips booked in a single reservation under one ticket number. A maximum of one round trip is permitted per reservation. Bonus miles do not count toward elite status qualification. Members will earn 1,000 bonus miles after one (1) round-trip; 3,000 bonus miles after two (2) round-trips for a total of 4,000 bonus miles; 6,000 bonus miles after three (3) round-trips for a total of 10,000 bonus miles; 9,000 bonus miles after four (4) round-trips for a total of 19,000 bonus miles; and 11,000 bonus miles after five (5) round-trips for a total of 30,000 bonus miles. A maximum of 30,000 bonus miles may be earned from this promotion in conjunction with flying five (5) eligible round-trips. Bonus miles will be posted 4-6 weeks after round-trip travel is complete. This offer is only valid to AAdvantage members in the US and Puerto Rico.

Join AA’s Summer Miles Challenge and Get 100 Miles

American Airlines just sent me a reminder email to participate to the Summer Miles Challenge to support their Kids in Need program. The key here is that you will receive 100 miles just for registering on Facebook and will have a chance to win lot more.


American Airlines will donate 100K AAdvantage miles to their Kids in Need program if 100K smiles is reached through this “game”.


The catch here is that you need to like Summer Miles Challenge on American Airlines’ Facebook page before you can access the application to enter your account information. You can easily unfriend/unlike once you have done your part, however.



After I filed the information the web page showed instantly that I would receive the 100 miles within 6 to 8 weeks after the promotion is over.


I haven’t normally participated to these promos for few points here and there, but I recently had to arrange couple of hundred miles to my brother’s AAdvantage account to be able to issue an award. You never know when few hundred miles might come handy.

American Airlines’ No Expiration Miles & Award Chart Promise Lasted for 23 Years


In July 1st, 1989 American Airlines changed its mile expiration promise. Previously, American Airlines miles were not subject to expiration, but all this changed on that day. The miles that were earned from July 1st onwards were under expiration policy that has since changed few times.

American Airlines, however, made a promise that old miles that were that were earned before that date would NOT be subject to expiration. The AAdvantage member could also use the old award chart to redeem the old miles. The member could use their old miles to redeem from the new award chart as well.



So, if you were given a promise of a non-expiration of miles, how long AA should keep its promise? Apparently AA thinks that 23 years is enough.

AAdvantage members that had these old miles on their accounts were sent the following email by American Airlines:

For more than 30 years the American Airlines AAdvantage® program has been making travel special. Thank you for your loyalty for so many years as an AAdvantage member.

In order to streamline our program, we are announcing a change to AAdvantage miles earned before July 1, 1989, also called Miles With No Expiration.

Starting November 1, 2012, these miles will automatically be converted to Miles Subject to Expiration, and because of your tenured loyalty, you will earn a 25% mileage bonus on every unredeemed mile earned prior to July 1, 1989. To have your Miles With No Expiration converted and to earn the mileage bonus, you do not need to take any action. For more information about this change, please visit

Once your miles have been converted, as long as you earn or redeem AAdvantage miles at least once every 18 months, your miles will not expire. This is our normal mileage policy and more information can be found at

It is easy to keep your account active! In addition to earning AAdvantage miles for travel, you can earn miles for making everyday purchases such as dining out, shopping and paying your electricity bill. Plus, you can redeem miles for hotel stays, rental cars, flight awards, and more! Find out more ways to earn and redeem miles by visiting

Finally, to receive special offers and exclusive promotions, be sure to update your account at and sign up for email notifications.

Thank you for your continued loyalty!

You can always argue that 23 years is long enough for people to use the miles that were accrued before July 1st, 1989. But many didn’t strategically use their old miles. The award chart that these old miles could be used it advantageous in many ways. If you still have old miles, you have up to October 31st, 2012 to use them. On November 1st, 2012 American Airlines will convert the old miles to “Miles Subject to Expiration” and give 25% bonus for “loyalty”.

Why the change?

You may wonder why American Airlines would do such a trivial thing as to cancel the non-expiring old miles promise that they made. It cannot be that difficult to continue having two different kinds of miles.

Maybe they have quite a bit of old miles on their books on accounts that haven’t been used for years. Converting them to new miles and then expiring them in 18 months is a good way for AA to remove some existing liability from their books (miles are liability accounting wise).

Old award charts

Quite a few awards on the old chart have not been bookable for long time. Singapore Airlines ceased to be an American partner long time ago.



There are, however, some awards that are still valid. I like the award 150E that is for first class ticket for two to Tokyo from the United States on American Airlines for 150K miles. Unlike with AA’s new award chart, the stopover rules are more flexible with the old awards.


It is somewhat understandable that American wants to more these non-expiring old miles to expiring ones, and after 18 months expire bunch of them. But I don’t like when companies make promises about lifetime status on their program or not expiring miles, and then after few or more years don’t honor it.

It has made sense for many to save their non-expiring miles to use them later for awards using the old chart that are cheaper compared to current one.

Note: The American Airline letter and the award chart are from now non-existing FewMiles website that I was able to access Internet Archive.

American Airlines Has Now Made Award Flights on Qantas Bookable Online

American Airline has been slowly extending the number of partner airlines that can be booked on Earlier this year American Airlines made Hawaiian and British Airways award flights bookable on in addition to Alaska ones. Now you can also book awards including Qantas flights on

I decided to test this by searching for award availability from Helsinki to Sydney.


The economy awards appear to be wide open in the month of November.


Searching for business class only returns availability on three days.


First class is also available for about half of the dates.

The fare engines returns number of flights with connection from British Airways to Qantas or Qantas to Qantas in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Narita.


You have to be careful with the flights, however. The engine returns quite a few combinations where the second long haul is in fact in business class and not in first. The feeder flight from Helsinki to London only has economy and business class. As a matter of fact the AA’s engine was not able to return a single date in November from Helsinki to Sydney in first class.


I was finally able to find one itinerary that was pricing correctly in business class on all of the three segments in question. I don’t like the way the AA hides “carrier imposed surcharges” and doesn’t provide a clear breakdown of taxes and fees. Probably around 70% to 80% off that fee are the fuel surcharges of the BA’s Helsinki to London and London to Narita segments.



It is great to have more AA partners bookable online without having to call the reservations. AA now has four partners online and quite a few to go before you can book as complex itineraries as one can on

American Airlines AAdvantage Bonus Miles on Cathay Pacific Flights to Hong Kong & On American Flights Between Chicago and Helsinki

American Airlines has two mileage promotions going on at the moment. You need to register for both of these before travel. Note that the Cathay Pacific offer is only valid for business and first class while the offer to Helsinki also applies to high coach fares.


This is about the best time of the year to visit Helsinki, where I used to live for 6 years. There is enough to do and explore for several days and you can always take a ferry or helicopter to visit Tallinn in Estonia as well. Helsinki is the world’s design capital in 2012. You can read more about this on the following website. You need to register for this offer prior traveling.


This offer is valid for travel from June 26th, 2012 to September 30th, 2012. There is no ticketing date restriction on this offer that is also valid on Finnair, BA, and Iberia codeshares.

Booking Class

Bonus Miles for Round-Trip Travel

Business Class (booked in J, D, R or I)


Full-Fare Economy (booked in Y, B or H)


Discount Economy (booked in K, L or M)


Offer Dates:
June 26, 2012 through September 30, 2012

Promotion Code:

Cathay Pacific is offering bonus miles for their flights to Hong Kong from United States and Canada for AAdvantage members. The bonus miles only apply for first and business class cabins. You need to book the travel by July 31st, 2012 and travel must be completed by August 15th, 2012. You need to register for this offer prior traveling.

Fly Cathay Pacific roundtrip from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, or Vancouver to Hong Kong on a qualifying First Class ticket between June 15, 2012 and August 15, 2012 and earn 10,000 AAdvantage bonus miles. Or, fly on a qualifying Business Class ticket and earn 8,000 bonus miles. There is no limit to the number of bonuses you can earn during the promotion period and the bonus miles are in addition to your standard base miles and class of service bonus. Just book your trip between June 15, 2012 and July 31, 2012 and register prior to travel.



First Class
(booked in F or A)

Business Class
(booked in J, C, D or I)

Bonus miles earned for each

10,000 bonus miles

8,000 bonus mile

Bonus Code:

Register today by selecting the red “REGISTER” button below.

Book your trip between June 15, 2012 and July 31, 2012.
Travel on/between June 15, 2012 and August 15, 2012.

Here are the terms and conditions of the Chicago to Helsinki offer:

AAdvantage bonus mileage offer is valid for round-trip travel on nonstop American Airlines operated flights between Chicago O’Hare and Helsinki, Finland from June 26, 2012 – September 30, 2012. Includes travel on codeshare flights marketed by British Airways, Iberia or Finnair. This promotion is only valid for AAdvantage members who purchase and fly on published fare tickets booked in J, D, I, R, Y, B, H, K, L or M. Bonus will be awarded based on the booking class purchased. Bonus miles do not count toward elite status qualification or Million Miler status. Registration prior to travel is required.

Here are the terms and conditions of the Cathay Pacific offer:

The offer applies to F, A, J, C, D and I fares only. Offer valid on Cathay Pacific operated flights for travel with an American Airlines or Cathay Pacific flight numbers, between JFK/LAX/ORD/SFO/YVR – HKG only. Two one-way flights booked in different reservations are not considered a roundtrip. Travel must be completed between June 15, 2012 and August 15, 2012. Offer is not combinable with any other offer. Offer for AAdvantage U.S. residents only. AAdvantage miles must be earned for flights to qualify for the bonus. Bonus miles do not count toward elite-status qualification. Registration prior to travel is required using Promotion Code CXS12 at

Cathay Pacific reserves the right to change or terminate the offer without prior notice.

Frequent Flier Accounts & Phishing Attempts – Case American Airlines

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I rarely see any spam on my email inbox as I have been using Google to host (paid service) my personal and business email accounts for few years.  Due to the number of spam that I receive, I have found it useless to even have a look at my spam folder. How many Viagra or PayPal account security emails can you glance through daily?


Earlier today, I received a very good phishing attempt that Google didn’t catch. This was a preferred seat purchase email supposedly coming from American Airlines. It wasn’t addresses to be, but it is not uncommon to mistakenly receive emails intended to others.


The email header looked ok. It shows as a sender. This is the same sender email address that AA uses for real notifications as well. Above is the fake one and below the real one.


But this email is not for real. I would encourage everybody to set their browser to show the actual URL for all the links. This email had all the links to point to a website in Russia, as I have highlighted in red.

I had been waiting for an email from American Airlines with an eticket number for Etihad business/first class award redemption that I had made and paid earlier in the day. Somehow that email had ended up in my spam email folder.

American Airlines ShAAremiles Offer For Up To 20% Bonus Miles

American Airlines has long offered the ability to transfer miles between AAdvantage accounts. This is NOT cheap as American charges 1 cent per transferred mile + then there is a processing fee of $30 per transaction and some taxes as well.


Now, American Airlines has a bonus offer to give some extra miles depending how much you transfer, but still doesn’t make any sense unless you need a small number of miles for an expensive business or first class award.


Let’s have a look if I transfer the maximum number of allowed miles (25K) between my family members. They would deduct 25K miles from my account, the taxes and fees would be $298.75, and my family member would receive the 25K miles + 5K bonus miles from American Airlines.


If I had done this, I would have paid American close to 6 cents per mile. This is horrible value. Only even consider this option, if you desperately need a small amount of miles for that international premium class award.

Here are the Terms and conditions of this offer:

shareAAmiles® Terms and Conditions: Transactions are nonreversible and nonrefundable. Please allow 3 business days for transferred AAdvantage® miles to post to the designated AAdvantage account. Members must transfer 1,000-25,000 miles in a single transaction through the shareAAmiles® program beginning 12:00 am CDT June 1, 2012, until 11:59 pm CDT June 30, 2012, to be eligible for the bonus miles. Members who transfer between 1,000 and 5,000 miles will earn 10% bonus miles. Members who transfer between 6,000 and 10,000 will earn 15% bonus miles. Members who transfer between 11,000 and 25,000 will earn 20% bonus miles. Please allow 5 business days for the bonus miles to post to the account of the member who transfers the miles. Members may transfer up to 100,000 AAdvantage miles (in increments of 1,000-25,000 AAdvantage miles) and receive up to 100,000 miles (in increments of 1,000-25,000 AAdvantage miles) per AAdvantage account, per calendar year. AAdvantage bonus miles earned do not count toward the 100,000 shareAAmiles annual limit. AAdvantage miles transferred do not count toward elite-status qualification or Million MilerSM status.

American Airlines Offering “Fast Track” on Executive Platinum Requalification for Matched United 1K’s and Global Services Members

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Back in April I wrote about the American Airlines’ offer for disgruntled United Airlines Mileage Plus members. AA was going to match the UA status for the same level i.e. United Global Services to AA Concierge Key. Airlines don’t normally match to their highest level so this offer was unheard of.

I also took up on the offer as I had been “downgraded” from Executive Platinum status to my lifetime Platinum one. It took American Airlines about three weeks to process the match.

Considering that most of the United frequent fliers were matched when close to five months of the year was already gone, it was smart move from AA’s part to make the offer below to those that were matched.


Essentially AA is prorating the requirement for Executive Platinum status to take into account the number of months that are left. Instead of requiring 100K elite qualifying miles or points, the requirement for those that were matched is now 55K by the end of the year.

Here’s the small print of this offer:

(1) Elite-qualifying activity includes eligible travel on American Airlines, American Eagle, the AmericanConnection® carrier, alloneworld® member airlines and their affiliates, Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air and/or American Airlines marketed codeshare flights.

Elite-Status Offer Terms and Conditions
This is an exclusive offer only for members who receive this email directly from American Airlines. You have been pre-enrolled for this offer. No registration is required.

AAdvantage Executive Platinum® membership received through this offer is valid through February 28, 2014. To qualify, you must earn 55,000 elite-qualifying miles or points between April 24, 2012, and December 31, 2012. Bonus elite qualifying miles earned through special promotions are excluded. Upon reaching the required mileage threshold, your AAdvantage elite-status membership benefits will take effect immediately. Your new membership credentials will be mailed to you within four to six weeks after qualification. You must re-qualify for AAdvantage elite-status membership annually. For details regarding the standard qualification levels, click here.

Systemwide Upgrade Offer Terms and Conditions
In order to receive eight (8) one-way Systemwide Upgrades, you must earn 30,000 elite-qualifying miles or points between April 24, 2012, and August 31, 2012. If you qualify, eight (8) one-way Systemwide Upgrades will be deposited into your account within two weeks following the end of the qualification period and will be valid for travel through February 28, 2014. Elite-qualifying miles and points are earned for eligible travel on American Airlines, American Eagle, the AmericanConnection carrier, all oneworld member airlines and their affiliates, Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air and/or American Airlines marketed codeshare flights. For complete Systemwide Upgrade terms and conditions, visit

This is a post-only email. Please do not reply to this message unless you are unsubscribing from American Airlines transactional emails. To unsubscribe from this type of email, click here. For all inquiries about American Airlines or the AAdvantage program,, or send an email to, or contact us in writing at:
American Airlines AAdvantage® program, PO Box 619688, D/FW Airport Texas USA 75261-9688

AAdvantage® Program Terms and Conditions
American Airlines reserves the right to change the AAdvantage® program and its terms and conditions at any time without notice, and to end the AAdvantage® program with six months notice. Any such changes may affect your ability to use the awards or mileage credits that you have accumulated. Unless specified, AAdvantage miles earned through this promotion/offer do not count toward elite-status qualification or Million Miler(SM) status. American Airlines is not responsible for products or services offered by other participating companies. For complete details about the AAdvantage program, visit
AAdvantage® program terms and conditions

AmericanAirlines, AAdvantage, AAdvantage Gold, AAdvantage Platinum, AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Million Miler, AAdvantage with Scissor Eagle design, AA with Scissor Eagle design, Scissor Eagle design, and are marks of
American Airlines, Inc.

oneworld is a registered trademark of oneworld Alliance, LLC.

Getting My United Premier 1K Status Matched to American Airlines Executive Platinum

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On April 27th I wrote a piece about how American Airlines had started to poach United’s frequent fliers and match them to equivalent level on AA’s program up to Concierge Key.


Soon after, the program was apparently limited only to United 1K’s and Global Services members and others were given a paid challenge.

When there is a program like this that won’t go forever one should not procrastinate, like I did, but just do it immediately. I finally got my act together and decided to email my United account statement to American Airlines on May 2nd, 2012.

Had I done it on the date I wrote about this, I would have not only received the Executive Platinum status, but also 8 evips.

I have had the Executive Platinum status with AA for couple of years, but had it lapse last year, when I moved out of the States. I have a lifetime Platinum status with American due to being a 2.7 million miler with the program, although most of the miles have come from transfers from hotel programs and credit card spend.

The reason why I decided to do the match after all was that it was not once in a lifetime, and it will give me better lounge access, if I fly in economy or business, and there happens to be a first class lounge like in London, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

It took American about two weeks to verify the information I had emailed them, and received the following email earlier today:

Thanks for contacting AAdvantage® Customer Service. We’re sorry you’ve
been kept waiting.

We appreciate your desire to make American Airlines your first choice
for all your travel needs. We are eager to earn your business and your
loyalty, and are confident we can provide you with the high-quality
service you expect.

Please accept our invitation to experience some of the special benefits
we provide to members at our highest elite-status level. In a few weeks
you will receive your AAdvantage Executive Platinum® membership card,
which is valid through February 28, 2013. This unique membership affords
you all of the privileges and most of the benefits of this level,

**Unlimited complimentary upgrades confirmed as early as 100 hours prior
to departure
**100% mileage bonus on the base miles flown on select carriers
**Complimentary access to Main Cabin Extra and Preferred seating
**Priority Baggage Delivery
**Waived charges for two checked bags
**PriorityAccessSM privileges at airport check-in, security and boarding

Plus, you will receive 8 complimentary one-way Systemwide Upgrades if
you earn 30,000 elite-qualifying miles or points between April 24, 2012
and August 31, 2012.  Systemwide Upgrades are valid for worldwide travel
on American Airlines and allow you to confirm an available seat in the
next class of service at the time of booking (subject to availability).
Visit for details about using these

We hope that your introduction to life at the top on American Airlines
will convince you to requalify for full AAdvantage Executive Platinum
status through February 28, 2014. You can do that by earning 100,000
elite-qualifying miles or points, or flying 100 elite-qualifying
segments, during the 2012 calendar year. For details on earning
qualifying miles or points, visit

We look forward to welcoming you aboard the next time you travel. Enjoy
your upgrade to AAdvantage Executive Platinum status!

Fare War Over the Atlantic: Most US/Canadian Cities to London in Business Class for Less than $2K RT

There seems to be a flash fare war brewing over the Atlantic. AA and BA were advertising Queen’s Jubilee two day sale and soon other carriers were matching as well. The last day to book these is today 17th of May.


You can now find airfares to London on Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, United Airlines, Delta, Air France, American Airlines, Iberia, and British Airways and probably on few others as well for less than $2K return in business class.

Most of these fares have relatively tight outbound window from North America to Europe, but the return can happen within the ticket validity/fare rules.

These $2K fares out from the eastern seaboard are not that common during holiday periods. They are, however, rare from the west coast.

Hyatt Gold Passport Summer 2012 Promotion for up to Five Times the Miles


Hyatt has teamed up with number of airlines; Air China, Air France-KLM, ANA, American Airlines, British Airways, China Eastern, Delta Air Lines, Etihad, Lufthansa, Qatar, Southwest, and United to offer up to five times the miles or points.


This promotion starts on May 1st and end of August 30th, 2012. You will receive the normal number of miles or points for the first stay, triple bonus for stays 2 and 3, and quadruple miles or points for the stays 4 to 11.


Please note that this promotion is NOT based on nights but rather on stays. You will receive the same number of miles or points regardless how many nights you stay. The promotion is capped at 11 stays.

The cumulative maximum number of points that you would earn by having 11 stays on Air China’s and China Eastern’s programs would be 39200. By crediting 11 stays to Southwest’s Rapid Rewards would earn you 29400 points. In all other programs the cumulative number of points after 11 stays would be the grand total of 24500 miles/points.

This promotion quite frankly works for me. Most of my stays are for one night. Getting 2500 miles for a one night stay is a rather good deal. Maybe I will finally set my foot to Hyatt property this year.

Air China – Phoenix Miles


Air France-KLM Flying Blue



ANA Mileage Club



American Airlines AAdvantage



British Airways Executive Club



China Eastern



Delta Air Lines SkyMiles



Etihad Guest



Lufthansa Miles & More



Qatar Airways – Privilege Club



Southwest Airlines – Rapid Rewards



United Airlines – Mileage Plus


Here are the promotional terms and conditions of the United offer, but they are basically identical for each of these airlines.

More stays means 5X more miles and even more rewards

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to participate in the Hyatt Summer Airline Promotion (“Promotion”), you must be a member of Hyatt Gold Passport and a member of United MileagePlus.

HOW TO REGISTER: Between April 1, 2012 and August 31, 2012 (“Promotion Period”), you can register for Promotion via or by calling 1-800-228-3360 and requesting enrollment code UA12S. You must register in advance for stays to qualify. Stays completed before registration are not eligible. You only need to register once.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: After registering for the Promotion, complete two (2) or more stays at any participating Park Hyatt®, Andaz®, Grand Hyatt®, Hyatt Regency®, Hyatt®, Hyatt Place® , Hyatt House™ or Hyatt Residence Club™ hotel and resort worldwide between May 1, 2012 and August 31, 2012 (“Stay Period”) and request United MileagePlus miles for each Eligible Stay. You must provide your United MileagePlus member number at check-in for each Eligible Stay. For each Eligible Stay during the Stay Period, you will earn the award miles as summarized in the chart below. A Eligible Stay is a stay at a participating hotel during the Stay Period with at least one (1) Eligible Night during the stay and request United MileagePlus miles for each stay. For the purpose of this Promotion, an “Eligible Night” is defined as one (1) night at any participating hotel or resort at an Eligible Rate when choosing United MileagePlus miles as the method of loyalty reward upon check-in at a participating Hyatt property and paying an Eligible Rate (as defined below). Award nights do not constitute an Eligible Night. Hyatt Gold Passport members will only receive eligible night credit for the room they physically occupy, regardless of the number of paid rooms. Only stays that occur after registration for Promotion will be counted as Eligible Stays.

American Airlines Offering Status Matches to United’s Frequent Fliers


American Airlines has started directly to match United’s frequent fliers to a similar level on AA’s program. This is an unheard development from AA that has previously required fliers to do challenges and only up to a Platinum level.


This time, however, American Airlines is matching from Gold all the way up to the Concierge Key status. This development was first reported on FlyerTalk.

United Status = Equivalent AA status

Premier Silver to AAdvantage Gold

Premier Gold to AAdvantage Platinum

Premier Platinum to AAdvantage Platinum

Premier 1K to AAdvantage Executive Platinum

Global Services to Concierge Key

Here’s what you need to do

You need to call AA at 1-800-882-8880 and request a status match from United’s program. American will shortly send you an email outlying the process.

American Airlines requires a copy of your current United Mileage Plus card and/or copy of your online statement that shows the current status.

You can either send these by email to or by fax (817) 963-7882. American requests that the subject line of the email or the fax would be “Requesting AAdvantage Elite Status”.

If American Airlines accepts your documents, the new status will reflect in about 10 days and is valid until the February 28th, 2013.

Why American is doing this?

United and Continental are going through the integration process of the two airlines, and it hasn’t been a smooth process. American is going through equally messy bankruptcy proceedings and US Airways is trying to buy the airline.

Should I try AA?

Personally, I have had 1K status with United longer than the Executive Platinum with AA. Last year, I qualified for the 1K, but didn’t for the Executive Platinum status as I moved out from the United States.

I have found that the Star Alliance as an alliance fits my travel needs better than Oneworld due to greater number of carriers and network coverage.

If you care about unlimited domestic upgrades, the AA’s program is the way to go at the Executive Platinum level. Lower level elites do not get unlimited upgrades on AA, but need to use sticker upgrades that are awarded based on the number of miles flown, or they can simply buy them in bundles.

Executive Platinum members are also awarded 8 evips per year that can be used to upgrade domestic or international flights from even the lowest economy fares to business or from business to first. These upgrades typically clear, although sometimes only at the gate.

This year American has been offering number of double elite qualifying promotions, so requalifying this year is not impossible even if the third of the year has already passed.


It is a no brainer to apply for this match even if you wouldn’t be currently planning to fly on American Airlines. If you have an Premier 1K status or Global Services with United and can get AA to match you Executive Platinum or Concierge Key, it is really a no lose situation to try AA out. You might be positively surprised or at least fly on AA until the United has managed to sort out its merger related problems.

There has been few status matches around recently. SAS is matching to their EuroBonus Silver or Gold if you have a status with competing airline and an address in Hong Kong or in China. EuroBonus Gold gives you all the Star Alliance Gold benefits. Etihad was running a status match campaign for Etihad Guest Gold status that just expired. Alaska Airlines is continuing doing matches to their MVP status.

British Airways & Hawaiian Airlines Awards Now Bookable on

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American Airlines has now made awards on British Airways and Hawaiian Airlines bookable on If you search for itineraries, results including these two airlines and Alaska Airlines will automatically show up among American Airlines’ own flights.

Note that there are sometimes glitches on award pricing on as I documented recently. On the following example the return 5K is priced correctly due to HNL being a stopover. On the way to JNB, however, I don’t think that there should be 5K charge for the feeder flight.


The real shocker is the fuel surcharges on flights involving BA. AA lumps these to taxes and surcharges and doesn’t itemize them. If you click few times around AA further explains about “carrier imposed surcharges”. On my example above the BA “imposed” fuel surcharges are about $1400.


It is easy to find the real taxes associated with the itinerary. As I was only interested about the BA fuel surcharges, I constructed an itinerary using ITA to find out the actual fuel surcharges on the four BA flights.


Constructing an itinerary like the one above was fairly easy. You just plug in the origin and destination and AA will display the flights that it can find. You can then choose the ones that suit you best, if there are multiple options.


This ability to book increasing number of partners on without having to talk to the reservations, is a welcomed feature. I hope that they would get other partners online as soon as possible as well.

American Airlines Offering Bonus Miles for Flights to Australia on Qantas QF20K

American has currently so many different bonus offers going on that it is difficult to keep track all of them. Their latest offer is for bonus miles on round-trip travel on non-stop Qantas flights between United States and Australia from April 19th to June 30th, 2012. The promo code for this offer is QF20K.


The bonus is dependent of the class of service purchased. The only excluded fare classes are N and Q on both American and Qantas marketed flight numbers. This offer is also valid on Qantas flights ticketed under American Airlines codeshare numbers.


Remember. You need to register for this offer.

Terms and Conditions:

AAdvantage bonus mileage offer is valid for round-trip travel on nonstop Qantas Airways operated flights between the U.S. and Australia from April 19, 2012 – June 30, 2012. Includes travel on codeshare flights marketed by American Airlines. This promotion is only valid for AAdvantage members who purchase and fly on published fare tickets that are eligible to earn AAdvantage miles. Excludes fares beginning with N or Q on American Airlines marketed, and Qantas Airways marketed and operated flights

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