American Airlines Hawaii Award Discount


American Airlines is offering an award discount of 2,500 miles oneway (5,000 miles return) for awards trips between contiguous 48 States or Canada and Hawaii.


This offer is valid for travel dates between September 11 and December 13, 2013, that are booked by September 13. You can access AA’s web page for this offer here.

American Airlines Statement: No Fuel Surcharges On Awards Beyond BA & IB

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American Airlines just released the following statement regarding the fuel surcharge issue on awards that popped up this morning (read my post here):


Seems that something went wrong with their tax/fare calculation update that lead to fuel surcharges been added to some award tickets erroneously.

American Airlines Award Fuel Surcharges Expanding Beyond British Airways & Iberia?


There has been lot of chatter this morning about American Airlines award fuel surcharges that have suddenly started to appear on awards issued on Malaysia Airlines flights. This issue was first reported on BoardingArea (One Mile At A Time) article that you can access here.


Above is the AA’s reply to my question on Twitter regarding the status of fuel surcharges on partner award itineraries.

American Airlines Earning Miles On TAM Flights (Not Yet Redeeming)


American Airlines made an announcement two weeks ago that the airline would start codesharing with TAM on August 22, 2013. You can read my piece about it here. These two airlines used to be partners before TAM decided to join the Star Alliance.


American didn’t announce that earning miles on TAM coded flights would become again possible on the same date, but apparently it did. You can access AA’s web page for TAM flights here

American Airlines Status Match (Challenge): Gold, Platinum & Executive Platinum


Most of the US based airlines are offering status match programs to woo business from competitors. I have written about United’s (read here), US Airways’ (read here), Delta’s (read here) and Alaska’s (read here) status match programs previously.

EDIT: This article has been fixed to include the correct number of EQP’s for the Platinum challenge that is 10,000. 


American Airlines has offered several targeted offers throughout the year and one public one too that was shortly withdrawn. The airline, however, continues to offer AAdvantage Gold & Platinum elite status challenges for cash (no status with other airlines required) and Executive Platinum challenge without fee for Delta Diamond’s and United Premier 1K’s/GS’. The offer maybe available for US Airways Chairman’s members as well.

Confirmed: American Airlines Gold, Platinum & EXP Fast Track Offers Honored


Exactly a week ago American Airlines launched Gold, Platinum & Executive Platinum fast track offers on social media sites such as Google, LinkedIn etc. These non-targeted offers that were open for all non-elite AAdvantage members went viral. AA withdraw the campaign that was supposed to last until August 27 in few hours later. You can read more about this offer here.


American Airlines first gave very vague replies to members that tried to confirm that their registration for this promotion was accepted. AAdvantage was replying that the member was not part of the targeted audience and thus not eligible for it.

American Airlines Transatlantic Offer: 15K to 30K Bonus Per Round Trip


American Airlines has also launched a bonus offer for return flights in World Traveller Plus, Business or First Class on American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Finnair or OpenSkies between September 1 and December 19, 2013.


You will earn 15,000 bonus miles per round trip on BA’s World Traveller Plus and 30,000 bonus miles per round trip in business or first class.

My Opinion About The AA’s Fast Track Gold, Platinum & EXP Offer


Last week, AA decided to run a very good fast track offer that they advertised on LinkEdIn and some other social networks. The registration for this offer was supposed to last until August 27, but AA decided to end the fast track promotions few hours later.


I cannot fathom how AA could not have predicted that these offers that were not targeted in any shape of form would not get publicity beyond the intended audience?

American Airlines Repartnering With TAM


American Airlines is partnering again with TAM that is set to join the Oneworld alliance in 2014. TAM is still a member of competing Star Alliance.


American Airlines and TAM are starting to codeshare each others flights between the United States and Brazil. TAM will add its code for many domestic AA flights and AA will do the same for Tam flights within the Brazil.

American Airlines Gold, Platinum & Executive Platinum Fast Track Offer (Open For All Non-status Members)


American Airlines has just released an excellent fast track offer for Gold, Platinum or Executive Platinum status that is open for all non-status AAdvantage members. If you are not member yet, you can just sign up for AAdvantage and register for this offer.

Edit 6PM EST: AA already discontinued the first sign up page. I now have new link up that is still working. Edit: 10PM EST: Seems that AA has now discontinued all the offers listed below.


You need to register for this offer by August 27, 2013, and then fly between September 1 and December 31, 2013, on American Airlines or select partners (American Eagle, American Connection carrier, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines and Qantas). American Airline codeshare flights on other partners should qualify under this offer as well.

U.S. Justice Department Sues To Block American & US Airways Merger

There was an interesting development on the though to be smooth merger with American Airlines and US Airways today. The United States Justice Department, six attorney generals and the district of Columbia filed a civil antitrust lawsuit to block the merger claiming that it would lessen the competition and lead to higher air fares to passengers. You can read more about this on Reuter’s website here and Department of Justice website here.


This was unexpected development after the mergers between United/Continental and Delta/Northwest were not objected. The Justice Department cited on their release US Airways Executives:

American Airlines Buy AA Miles Offer: Get Up To 2,000 Bonus Miles & 25% Off Discount

American Airlines has a new buyAAmiles campaign for miles purchases until August 15, 2013. You can get up to 30% bonus on purchased miles. You can access this offer on AA’s website here.


You can buy up to 60,000 America Airlines miles, but the bonus miles of 2,000 maxes out at a purchase level of 20,000 miles. To get the maximum discount of 25% you must, however, buy 60,000 miles.

American Airlines Back In AwardWallet

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American Airlines and AwardWallet announced yesterday that you can again monitor your AAdvantage account balances using the AwardWallet service.


There are several services that you can use to monitor your miles/points balances from number of programs and AwardWallet is one of them.

New Targeted American Airlines Gold & Platinum (EXP Too?) Fast Track Offers


American Airlines has had at least two previous fast track offers this year for instant Gold, Platinum & EXP status (read more about them here and here) and they have just launched a new one.


LoyaltyLobby reader’s family member that doesn’t have any status with American has just released an offer for instant Platinum status with 20 500-mile upgrade stickers. Flying 12,000 miles or elite qualifying points on AA or select partners by November 30, 2013, they could keep the status all the way to February 2015.

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