Up To 3000 Bonus American Airlines Miles For Budget Rentals

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American Airlines just sent out an email about the new offer from Budget. You can get up to 3000 bonus miles for rentals of 5 days or longer at Budget’s airport locations in the United States and Canada until April 30, 2013. You can access Budget’s web page for this promotion here.


You will receive bonus miles for shorter rentals as well; rentals of 2 days get 750 bonus miles and rentals of 3 days 1500 bonus miles. You need to use the coupon number MUAZ062, when making the reservation, and choose American Airlines AAdvantage as your airline partner.

When Does It Make Sense To Buy Airlines Miles?


Airlines seem to have almost never ending mileage sales nowadays. Some airlines literally have an offer out monthly (e.g. US Airways), where airlines like American and United tend to have less frequent sales. I do write about these sales here on LoyaltyLobby when they pop up, with my opinions.


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email last week and wanted to get my opinion… when do I think that it is good to buy miles and at what price?

Oneworld Alliance Carrier Bonuses for Malaysia Airlines Flights Feb 15 to Apr 15

Most of the Oneworld alliance airlines are offering double award miles on Malaysia Airlines flights between February 15 to April 15, 2013. Some of the programs require you to register for this promotion in advance while others have enrolled all their members.


Malaysia Airlines joined the Oneworld Alliance on February 1, 2013. You can take advantage of alliance wide status benefits that you may have with one of the members when flying on Malaysia.

American Airlines and US Airways Merger

The big news of the past week in the travel field was the proposed merger of the AMR, the parent of American Airlines and the US Airways. The merger gives the creditors of the AMR 72% and the US Airways shareholders 28% of the equity of the merged airline.


You can read more about the effect of this merger on AA’s website newamericanarriving.com.

American Airlines Award Discount (5000 Miles) for Hawaii RT’s

American Airlines has a limited time offer for award trips to Hawaii. You can get a return award trip for 30K AAdvantage miles from United States or Canada from February 8 to march 13, 2013. You can access AA’s web page for this promotion here.


The usual number of miles required during the off season award is 30K.

American Airlines and US Airways Boards Approve The Merger – Announced On Thursday

This was likely the worst kept secret in aviation. The boards of both the AMR, the parent of American Airlines, and US Airways have approved the proposed merger.


It is expected that the airlines will officially announce the merger on Thursday. The creditors of the AMR, the airline currently still in bankruptcy reorganization, will receive 72% of the equity and US Airways shareholders 28%.

Free 500 American Airlines Miles For Updating Contact Info


American Airlines has a new promotion for 500 free AAdvantage miles for updating contact info on file with AA to include your date of birth and some other information. This update needs to happen before February 28, 2013. You can access this offer here.


This offer is valid for Canada and most of the countries in the Caribbean. United Kingdom is included in the terms and conditions of this offer, but is not included in the drop down menu of countries to choose from, however. EDIT: United Kingdom has now been added to the drop down menu.

American Airlines & US Airways Merger Speculation Heats Up

There was speculation earlier in the week that the merger between AMR, the parent of American Airlines, and US Airways would be announced this coming Tuesday after AMR’s board meeting on Monday.


It seems that the announcement is coming bit later in the week, likely on Wednesday, based on the media reports in the United States on Sunday.

American Airlines Dallas-Seoul 5000 to 30000 Bonus Miles


To celebrate the American Airlines newest route (and hopefully make some passengers to book it as well) there is a bonus mile offer this route for travel between May 8 and August 15, 2013. You need to register for this offer using an offer code AAICN in advance of your flight. Return travel is not required. You can read more about this offer on AA’s website here.


The number of bonus miles for a return trip in first or business class is 30K, 15K in full fare economy and 5K in discounted economy.

American & US Airways Merger Announced Next Week?

There has been a lot news lately about the possible merge of the two remaining US legacy carriers. Delta swallowed Northwest back in 2008 and Continental merged with United, although keeping the United name, in 2010.


Now, Dallas based television station is reporting that the board of American Airlines is meeting next Monday and that the merger with US Airways may be announced as early as this coming Tuesday.

Financial Times Article About Problematic Airline Rebrands


There was an interesting piece about some recent airline rebrands in the Financial Times. You can access the article here.


People have very strong opinions about the recent AA’s rebranding and about United’s attempt to mix and match part Continental’s & United’s former branding. This is a very good and short read. You should check it out.

Extra Baggage Allowance & Fast Track Security New Oneworld Emerald Benefits

Oneworld alliance top tier frequent fliers have been in disadvantage compared to their Star Alliance equivalent ones when it came to extra luggage allowance based on the frequent flier status.


Now, Oneworld alliance has announced that both extra luggage allowance (one piece or extra 20 kilos) will apply across all Oneworld alliance carriers and passengers will also have an access to fast track security lanes where available.

American Airlines Offering Targeted Fast Track to Executive Platinum Status – HVEEA


American Airlines has also sent emails about a targeted offer for instant Executive platinum status (yesterday I wrote about similar Platinum offer). The complimentary Executive Platinum status is valid until May 31, 2013, and you can keep it until 02/2014 and receive 8 evips by flying 30K EQM/EQP by the end of May.


American Airlines Buy AA Miles 50% Bonus (February 2013)

American Airlines has a new offer for buying some AAdvantage miles in February. You can buy up to 60K miles and get 50% bonus on purchased miles for up to 90K total miles.


This offer is valid until February 28, 2013, and you can access it here.

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