Avianca & Delta End Caracas (Venezuela) Flights


Both Avianca and Delta Air Lines yesterday announced that they would follow other airlines and discontinue their services to Caracas (Venezuela).


Avianca will end its daily services between Caracas and Bogota/Lima on August 16 and Delta will end its once weekly Atlanta – Caracas service on September 16.

Delta Airlines Pilot & Flight Attendant Get Into Fight, Causing Two Hour Delay

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Not a good day for a pilot and a flight attendant of Delta Airlines as they got into a fight on board their flight from New York to Main, causing a 2 hour delay.

From accounts of the fight the pilot called the FA a “piece of sh**t and after the altercation a group of police officers boarded the plane.

DOT Fines American Airlines, Delta Air Lines And Frontier For Violating Consumer Protection Rules


The U.S. Depart of Transportation (DOT) fined on Friday American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Frontier for violating number of consumer protection rules.

DOT Fines American Airlines Delta Air Lines Frontier

American Airlines had been slow processing refund (surprise!), Delta Air Lines had again filed fake mishandled luggage numbers with the DOT and Frontier had violated oversale and disability rules.

Delta Airlines Obnoxious Propaganda Videos Now Targeting Jennifer Aniston Over Her Role In Emirates Commercial


Delta Airlines propaganda department is now targeting Jennifer Aniston over her role in a recent Emirates commercial where in one scene she asked for the shower on a U.S. airline and was laughed at by the flight attendants.

Also in a second video Delta has brought back advertising personality Deltalina (a flight attendant) in a similar propaganda flick who is pointing fingers and ‘educates’ travelers.

Airfare of the Day: Air France/Delta/KLM HOU to IST USD 2379 (RT Business Class)


Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to SkyTeam partners Air France/Delta/KLM and their Business Class excursion non-refundable fares between Houston and Istanbul.

Tickets must be issued on/before 08 AUG 2017.

Airfare of the Day: SkyTeam AF/DL/KL LAX-BCN/MAD USD 2109 (RT Business Class)

Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to SkyTeam partners Delta, Air France and KLM, and their midweek Business Class excursion fares between Los Angeles and Barcelona/Madrid.

Delta SkyMiles Discounted Award Flash Sale Select US Cities September 6 – October 30, 2017 (Book By July 12)

Delta Air Lines has monthly SkyMiles award flash sales where select domestic or international award destinations/cities are on sale for a limited time only.

Delta Air Lines SkyMiles July 2017 Flash Sale US

This month, Delta has decided to promote select cities in the United States where SkyMiles members can travel starting at 20,000 SkyMiles round-trip (if they can find availability).

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Arrested For Grand Theft Upon Arrival At Detroit Airport


A Delta Airlines flight attendant who had an outstanding warrant for Grand Theft in Florida has been arrested by DHS on board the aircraft that just arrived from Paris at Detroit Metro Airport.

The male suspect is currently awaiting his extradition to Florida where the offense originally occurred and the warrant was issued.

Delta Airlines: Three Injured When Passenger Tries To Enter Cockpit, Aircraft Escorted Back To Seattle By Air Force Jets


A Beijing bound Delta Airlines flight was escorted back by fighter jets to it’s origin in Seattle on Thursday night after a passenger attempted to enter the cockpit.

The incident also resulted in three injuries including one crew member, likely due to an altercation with the offending passenger.

Airfare of the Day: Delta SEA-PVG USD 478 (RT Economy Class)

Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to Delta basic season instant purchase non-refundable Economy Class fares between Seattle and Shanghai.

Earning Delta SkyMiles For Lyft Rides & Triple Miles For Airport Rides Through August 31, 2017

Delta and Lyft, Uber copy only available in the United States, launched partnership back in May where SkyMiles members could earn miles for their rides (1 miles per USD charged excluding taxes/fees/tolls/tips).

Delta Lyft

Now, SkyMiles members can earn triple miles through August 31, 2017, for their trips to/from the airports in the United States (remember Lyft doesn’t have service anywhere else).

DOT Fines Delta $120,000 For Falsifying The Number Of Animals Transported In 2015

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Depart of Transportation (DOT) has fined Delta Air Lines $120,000 for misreporting the number of animals it transported in 2015 (trying to bring the number of incidents number down).

Delta Air Marshall

The airline had first reported in January 2016 that it has transported 98,779 animals in 2015. The airline then corrected this figure to 159,747. After DOT investigation Delta corrected this number third time to just 96,630 animals.

Inflight Shower Delta Airlines Style: Six Passengers Soaked By Water Dripping From The Ceiling


Delta Airlines current anti-ME3 campaign already pays off for passengers as the airline now offers inflight showers almost like Emirates: Water dripping from the ceiling and soaking passengers.

Half a dozen Delta passengers from Atlanta to Ft. Myers, FL already experienced this new premium service which was largely ignored by the flight attendants.

Delta Releases 15 Minute “Documentary” About The Dangers Of ME3 (Watch & Vomit!)


Delta Air Lines released the other day 15 minute long “documentary” about the gulf carriers trying to inform its employees what is at stake.

The video certainly is one sided painting Delta as a saint and Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways as nothing but government run airlines hemorrhaging money and conspiring to “overthrow” the US carriers.

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