Hilton HHonors Delta SkyMiles Promotion: Double Miles + 250 MQM’s For Two Nights Or Longer Stays


Hilton HHonors is offering Delta SkyMiles members double miles + 250 MQM’s (Medallion Qualifying Miles) for stays of two nights or longer between September 30 and December 13, 2013.


You need to choose Points and Variable or Fixed miles as your preferred Double Dip option and Delta as the partner airline. The number of MQM’s that you can earn under this offer are capped at 10,000.

Delta Medallion Qualifying Dollars (MQD’s) Now Displayed On Delta.com


Delta made an announcement on January 17, 2013, about the changes to its SkyMiles program starting on January 1, 2014 (read more here).


Starting on January 1st, 2014, Delta added a MQD requirement in addition to flow miles to reach Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond status with the program. The MQD requirement is not onerous for those that fly on mixed fares, but can be problematic for passengers that always fly on rock bottom ones.

SPG Platinum Members Now Eligible For First Class Upgrades On Delta Flights


SPG and Delta launched Crossover Rewards back in February (you can read more here). I broke the story few days earlier and had the original intended terms and conditions that did include space available upgrades on Delta flights for SPG Platinum elites (read more here).

This program feature was withdrawn before the official launch, however.


Now, Delta has updated the terms and conditions of the Crossover Rewards program and the day of departure upgrades for SPG Platinum members are part of the program. You can access the Delta’s web page for this program here, frequently asked questions here, and the terms and conditions here.

Are You Smarter Than Two Delta Diamond Agents? What Is 40,000 – 32,500?

I was laughing (or crying) when I saw this on my Facebook feed couple of weeks ago. Friend of mine had tried to change the award and the Delta Diamond agents had great difficulty doing a simple calculation:


Computer says this and computer says that is often the answer even when you call an elite desk. Sometimes, I have been wondering if these agents have any brain cells left or the ability to think anything beyond what the “computer says”. I wrote about this back in May when agents had trouble tagging my checked in bag to the final destinations (you can access the piece here).

Delta SkyMiles Bonus Offer: Up To 45,000 Miles For New Account (Targeted)

LoyaltyLobby reader from Brazil forwarded me an email that he had received from Delta.


Apparently, Delta is trying to get more members to sign up in the Brazilian market and is offering up to 45,000 bonus miles for number of activities. Note that this offer is targeted and thus I cannot provide a link for it.

Delta SkyMiles Changes: Awards Holds Gone & Miles Required Business Awards Up


Delta SkyMiles made an announcement earlier today that awards holds were going away starting on September 9, 2013, and that the number of miles required award travel in international business class would go up for travel after June 1, 2014. Delta didn’t, however, have the updated award charts up on its website at the time of announcement.


I just went through all the regions and the changes are only for business class awards at low level. There are markets that don’t have any changes. It would have been easier had Delta just announced the changes and not tried to hide them on award charts.

Delta SkyMiles Negative Changes: Hold Gone & Miles Required For Business Class Awards Going Up

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Delta has made the following announcement this morning on FlyerTalk about changes to its Business Class awards for travel after June 1, 2014, and for award holds after September 9, 2013. You can access this announcement here.

Edit: I now have an updated post with more information and the awards that are going up in number of miles required. You can access it here


The changes are not up on the Delta’s website yet, but FlyerTalk member Wiirachay compiled a list (you can access the post here) of changes using award searches on Delta.com and the results are below:

Delta Airlines SkyMiles Shopping Bonus: Up To 5,000 Miles

Two days ago, I wrote about an offer from Delta’s SkyMiles Shopping for up to 2,500 bonus miles (you can access it here). There is, however, a better offer around as well for 500 bonus miles for every $150 spend for up to 5,000 bonus miles. The purchases must be done by August 31, 2013.


This offer was apparently targeted for Delta Amex holders, but there is nothing on the terms and conditions that would exclude others.

Delta SkyMiles Shopping Offer: Earn Up To 2,500 Bonus Miles


It is back to school season again and online shopping malls are offering bonuses for spending money through their portals.


Delta’s SkyMiles Shopping is offering 250 bonus miles for every $100 spent for up to 2,500 bonus miles for $1K spent.

Delta SkyMiles Silver, Gold & Platinum Medallion Status Match Challenge


Delta has official status match program that is publicized on its website here. You can get one-time match to the same level that you have with competing airline and then you have 90-days to fulfill the flight requirement (Medallion miles or segments) to keep the status.


For challenges starting after July 1, 2013, the successfully completed challenges will grant the status until the end of February 2015.

Delta Backpedaling On Same-day Changes For Elites

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Delta made some negative enhancements to its Same-day Confirmed-program back in April this year by shortening the change window from same day as the originally scheduled flight + within three hours of the new flight to just three hours before/after the originally scheduled flight AND the same booking class had to be available. Same-day change was still going to be available for $50 fee.


Now, Delta is backpedaling on the changes and the same-day $50 fee is waived for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members. The original booking class, however, still needs to be available.

Club Carlson Gold Status For Delta SkyMiles Medallions (Targeted?)


LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email that he had received from Delta about complimentary Club Carlson Gold status and 1000 Bonus SkyMiles after one stay between July 29 and September 30, 2013.


The offer also includes a fast track offer to keep the status until February 28, 2015, for having three stays between July 29 and December 15, 2013. The introductory Club Carlson Gold status will otherwise expire on Feb 28, 2014.

Delta & Hawaiian Airlines Partnership Ending


Delta & Hawaiian Airlines frequent flier partnership is coming to an end. The last day to redeem miles is on July 31, 2013 (you can book up to a year in advance) and to earn on September 15, 2013. This is based on the information posted on Hawaiian’s HawaiianMiles website.


Delta recently sorted their partner airlines to four categories and Hawaiian Airlines was on the last one with the least benefits for Delta frequent fliers. You can read more about that change here.

Delta SkyMiles & Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Partnership


Delta SkyMiles and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members can both start earning elite/tier qualifying and redeemable miles on July 3, 2013, when flying on each others flights.


Delta flights will be available to book on Virgin’s website and on phone reservations and vice versa on June 29 for travel starting on July 3, 2013. You can read more about this partnership on Delta’s website here and on Virgin Atlantic’s website here.

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