What Happened To FlyerTalk’s Coupon Connection?


A couple of questions have risen in the past week from readers and friends of mine about what happened to FlyerTalk’s Coupon Connection that has now been shut down for more than a month.

FlyerTalk Coupon Connection

Coupon Connection on FlyerTalk was only available for established forum members and the access requirements have changed couple of times over the time. There was number of months requirement as a member and you needed to have certain number of real posts (no posting runs).

FlyerTalk 2014 Awards Released

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Past week saw the release of the third annual FlyerTalk awards. Only the members of the FlyerTalk travel community were eligible to vote. The organizer has communicated that the number of voters were in the “thousands”.

FlyerTalk Awards 2014

You were able to vote for the winners in airline, hotel or car rental programs that were further geographically divided to Americas, Europe/Africa, and Middle East/Asia/Oceania.

2000 United Airlines Mileage Plus Miles + 2000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points + GoGo Pass for $59


Milepoint is apparently having a premium membership drive and offering a nice package just for $59.


Here is a list of benefits & discounts that you will receive for $59.


Let’s say that if you value your Hyatt and United points at 1.5 cents each then the value of these two is greater than the price of $59 that Milepoint charges for their Premium membership. I have circled in red the benefits & discounts that I have found to be useful.


This is a very good offer that I will take advantage of as well. Buying 2000 Hyatt Gold Passport points and United Mileage Plus miles for just $59 is a very good deal.

Milepoint is a Flyertalk clone that was (surprisingly) founded by the founder of FlyerTalk (after selling the latter to Internet Brands).  For frequent traveler related information I have found the FlyerTalk to be far more useful than the Milepoint.

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