Priority Club 40% Bonus for Buying Points (Targeted Offer)


One LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me an email about an offer they had received from Priority Club for buying points. Priority Club is offering 40% bonus for those that purchased points in 2012 for buying some this January. This offer ends on January 31, 2013. You can access this offer here. Please note that if the bonus doesn’t show the account is not eligible for this bonus offer.


The price of a Priority Club point after factoring the 40% bonus in quantities of more than 26K points at a time is 0.82 cents/point. This is more than what you can buy them by booking Cash & Points award and canceling it shortly afterward. The price of a point under the latter method is 0.7 cents per point.

New Priority Club Point Breaks Out This Week?

The current Point Breaks list is expiring next week and and I expect that we will have a new Point Breaks list out before the end of this week. Priority Club has confirmed that the Point Breaks are not going away.


The window of booking the most popular properties has shortened in the past few years. If there is a truly hot property like Indigo Shanghai, it will be gone in just few hours.

My Thoughts About the Priority Club Recategorization


Overall, the changes that Priority Club introduced weren’t as bad as I had thought they could be. If you are redeeming for award nights in big cities, you won’t like the change, however. The average number of points required for a free night (when all the properties are factored in) went up only one fifth of a percent.


I was just playing around with the award category list that we released yesterday. The observation below are based on the cleaned list of 4200 properties.

Priority Club / InterContinental Hotels Group Master Property List with 2012 & 2013 Point Requirements


Priority Club just changed the award categories/points requirements of more than half of the properties on its portfolio. More went up compared to down. Unlike all other major hotel chains, Priority club has refused to release a list of properties of moving up/down.

Download (PDF, 405KB)

We have now updated the Priority Club / InterContinental Hotels Group Master Property list with the new point requirements.

Updated Priority Club Master Property List and What Award Category Changes Will Mean to You


Priority Club will unveil later today (January 18) the new award classification of its 4500 hotels. Per press release of this change, approximately 30% of the hotels will go down in the number of points required and 30% will go up.

Priority Club New Award Categories
Priority Club New Award Categories

Priority Club has refused to release a list of hotels that are moving up or down in number of points required. Here’s the updated InterContinental Hotels Group / Priority Club Master Property List with point requirements prior to January 18 award chart revamp.

Buy Priority Club Points & Earn Gold/Platinum Qualification Points


Priority Club made changes to what points count towards elite qualification on January 1, 2013. I wrote an article about this change back in December. Until the end of 2012, all the points earned from various bonuses and partner activities had continued to count toward the requirement of Gold or Platinum status.

Base points earned from Qualifying Rates paid for hotel stays, points collected from partner transactions, PCR Bonus Points Packages and Meeting Rewards are considered Elite Qualifying Points and counted towards membership elite status.

Priority Club used to count points purchased through their Points & Money reward option towards elite qualification but discontinued it.


Points purchased through Buy Priority Club points used to count towards elite qualification and they still do.

Update on Current Priority Club Stay Bonuses


There has been some discussion about the postings of the current Priority Club stay bonuses that I have listed here. When you sign up for the promotion, you receive an email confirmation but the promotion itself won’t show up on my promotions on the Priority Club website.


The promotion should post just fine as the screen capture above illustrates. This person had signed up for the following promotion:

Update on (Unintended?) Priority Club Point Specials


Yesterday, I wrote an article about 170 IHG properties that had gone down in point requirements prior to the January 18 date of award category reclassification.


I encouraged people to book the three InterContinental hotels that were on the list for just 15K per night. There was also another gem on the list just for 10K points per night – the Holiday Inn Sydney.

Priority Club 5000 Bonus Points Offers for InterContinental Hotels in Europe


There are number of InterContinental hotels in Europe that are offering 5000 bonus Priority Club points per stays when you book IKP50 rate plan. I have written about similar offers for European InterContinental hotels previously as well. These bonus points are currently availability until April 8, 2013, and you can access this offer here.


Normally, when you book one of these bonus point rates, you are not getting the points for free but rather paying a premium over the cheapest rate. Paying the bonus point rate makes “financial” sense when there are no discounted rates available as this rate plan is typically tied to the best flexible rate.

Priority Club Already Tweaking Award Requirements (Mistakes?)


Priority Club is set to change the number of points required for 60% of its hotel portfolio on January 18, 2013. Today, I received emails from LoyaltyLobby readers that they had already found lower points requirement for some hotels and there was similar reports on FlyerTalk as well.

We just went through number of IHG hotels and found the following changes that had been applied already. None of the prices in points had gone up but around 170 had gone down.

I have very hard time believing that Priority Club had intended to lower the price of the following three InterContinental hotels to 15K points until 2014. I would encourage you to book them now if you have use for them at 15K level.

Update on Platinum Bonus Postings for Royal Ambassadors on InterContinental Stays

Two days ago, I wrote about some confusion about InterContinental Royal Ambassador members and whether they still qualified for Platinum bonus on InterContinental stays. I requested LoyaltyLobby readers to send me one screen shots about how their stays had posted since beginning of this year.

Seems that there really hasn’t been any change. All the feedback that I received confirmed that the Platinum bonus had properly been applied for their stays. Of course, there is always a possibility that there had been a glitch how Priority Club had awarded bonus points for the stays right after the new year.

Combinability of Priority Club’s Double Points or Miles Promotion & Stay-Bonuses

In the past, Priority Club’s “global” promotions have always been combinable with targeted stay bonuses. This, however, has now changed. The current promotion for Double Points or Miles cannot be combined with the Stay-bonuses that are both valid from January 7 to April 30, 2013.


I have written about the Double Points or Miles promotion that doesn’t have a public promotion code to sign up for, but is rather tied up for singing up for the program itself.

Priority Club One Time Bonus Offers for January (2013)


Just did a cleaning and went through all the one time bonuses that were valid for December, 2012, and found out that most of them are still valid.


You can register for these promotions at If you get an error message that the code is invalid, it only means that you have taken advantage of the offer previously and that your account is not eligible for it.

Has Priority Club Discontinued the Platinum Bonus for Royal Ambassadors on InterContinental Stays?

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Priority Club has gone through quite a few changes in the past month. Last year, the number of points earned for InterContinental stays within the Americas was changed from flat 2000 points per stay, regardless of number of nights or dollars spend, to 10 points per dollar. Elsewhere in the world the flat 2000 points per stay still applies.

I just saw some comments on FlyerTalk about Royal Ambassador members that had not received the Priority Club Platinum bonus for InterContinental stays and I decided to have a look at the issue.

Unfortunately, I won’t have paid stays at InterContinental hotels before February, so I asked a copy of account posting from a friend of mine that just completed one night stay at an InterContinental property in Asia.

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