Delta & Korea Air Trans-Pacific Joint Venture Approved DOT

On Friday, the U.S. Department of Transportation (usually referred to as DOT) approved the proposed trans-Pacific joint venture between Delta Air Lines and Korean Air.

Korean Air Pilot Strike October 1 – 7, 2017

The airlines, if also approved by the Korean authorities, will share the cost and revenues of the flights covered by the agreement and extend the codeshares they already have in place. Delta could start by making Korean Air flights elite qualifying (currently they are not).

TSA Pre✓ Expands To Include ANA, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Korean Air & Contour

Passengers from ANA, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Korean Air and Contoru can travel with less hassle when flying to/from/within the US because these airlines are now TSA’s Pre✓ eligible (you still need to pay for the service).

Korean Air Pilot Strike October 1 – 7, 2017

Passengers that are part of this TSA service don’t have to remove their shoes, laptops, liquids, belts or jackets making the screenings process more humane and expedient for all.

Cathay Pacific & Korean Air Move To New Terminal 4 In Singapore On October 31, 2017


Singapore’s Changi Airport will see new terminal opening on Tuesday that won’t be connected to existing terminals 1, 2 and 3 using trains and has been unofficially named LCC one due to AirAsia, Cebu Pacific and Spring Airlines moving there in addition to Cathay Pacific, Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines.


Cathay Pacific sent me a reminder email today that my flight on Tuesday morning (CX650) will be the first flight out from this terminal and I should make my way to Terminal 4 and not to Terminal 1 that Cathay has used for many years.

Korean Air Pilot Strike October 1 – 7, 2017

Korean Air pilots have been engaging with the airline for two years on wage negotiations and will strike between October 1 – 7, 2017, unless an agreement is reach.

Korean Air Pilot Strike October 1 – 7, 2017

Under Korean labor law, 80% of the pilots must report to work on international routes, 70% in Jeju ones and 50% on domestic flights even during the strike period. Korean Air has not published any travel warning on its website about this potential strike.

Le Club AccorHotels Korean Air Tiple SKYPASS Miles For Stays July 11 – October 10, 2017

Le Club AccorHotels has launched a new bonus miles offer for Korean Air SKYPASS members.

Le Club AccorHotels Korean Air Triple SKYPASS Miles July 11 - October 10 2017

SKYPASS members can earn triple miles for their stays that are both booked and consumed between July 11 – October 10, 2017.

Delta Air Lines & Korean Air Sign Trans Pacific Join Venture


Delta Air Lines and Korean Air today signed trans pacific Joint Venture (JV) that is still pending subject to regulatory approvals.

Delta and Korean Air JV

This means that airlines would expand their codesharing, share cost and revenues on JV flights and more flights between the hubs of the airlines.

Basic Functionalities Missing/Inoperative – Does Korean Air Have The Worst Functioning Website Of All Airlines?


For some reason the airlines in Korea still haven’t stepped up their game when it comes to running a customer friendly website with proper functionalities for even the most basic things, especially Korean Air.

It should be the easiest thing in the world to perform an online check-in, modify passenger details or process a seat assignment but Korean Air’s website doesn’t allow for any of this without issues.

Delta Air Lines & Korean Air Sign Joint Venture MOU For Trans-Pacific Travel


Delta Air Lines and Korean Air today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to create joint venture for trans-pacific travel.

Delta Air Lines & Korea Air MOU

Joint venture, if approved, means that the airlines would pool the revenues and costs while coordinating flights, destinations and prices.

Korean Air Pilot Strike Likely To Disrupt Flights Until New Year Intra-Asia & To The Middle East

Korean Air has been hit with their first pilot strike in 11 years after unions rejected a company proposal for pay increase, affecting flights within Asia and to the Middle East until December 31, 2016.


Even though a full scale pilot strike is prohibited by law in Korea, this will still inconvenience many travelers in the busy holiday period so it’s advised to check your schedule.

Korean Air Flight Attendants & Celebrities Subdue Unruly Passenger With Taser & Rope


Don’t mess with a celebrity couple while becoming rowdy on the flight or you might find yourself all over the internet while being tasered, squeezed and tied up as a Korean Air passenger learned.

korean-air-taserA passenger on an intra Asia flight from Vietnam to Seoul started to go berserk mid flight and began to attack the crew and other passengers around him.

GOL Smiles Korean Air Business Class Award Specials Ex-HKG


Smiles is the frequent flier program for the Brazilian based GOL airline, although run separately ala Aeroplan.


Smiles has had quite a few nice award “specials” over the years including the Qatar Airways first class one that we have covered here on LoyaltyLobby. Sebastian recently wrote about their Diamond Club (read more here).

Delta Air Lines & Korean Air Deepen Partnership?

Delta Air Lines made an announcement on Wednesday that they were launching a new service between Atlanta and Seoul Incheon airport in addition to the Korean Air flight already in place.

Delta Korean Air

Delta will place its code on Korean Air flights between the United States and Korea, and will also codeshare other Korean Air flights within Asia.

Korean Air To Automatically Charge Penalties To Passengers Who Miss Their Flights After OCT 1st 2016


Korean Air has announced that it will soon charge passengers penalty fees when they no-show for their flights without canceling the ticket prior to departure.

Korean Air NS PenaltiesApparently these fees will be charged automatically to the form of payment on file if the passenger doesn’t show, which includes mileage amounts for SkyPass bookings.

Marriott Rewards Korean Air SKYPASS Partnership

Marriott Rewards introduced a new airline partner this week with which members can directly deposit points from their stays, convert points to miles, or select a Travel Package transfer option.

Marriott Rewards Korean Air

Korean Air frequent fliers can now earn or convert their Marriott Rewards points to SKYPASS miles.

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