Marriott Renewing Gold/Platinum Status Without Meeting Qualification Requirements


Marriott has always renewed the Gold or Platinum status if you have stayed at Marriott properties a lot in the past and just have been in short on nights one year.


I used to stay at Marriott hotels a lot and had couple of years with around 130 nights. My total lifetime nights are just above 500 at the present. For the most part, I stopped at staying at Marriott hotels few years ago and Marriott continued renewing my Platinum status for couple of years and then finally downgraded me Gold last year.

New Marriott Rewards Award Option – London City Cruises

Marriott Rewards just introduced a new award option in the past week – London City Cruises. You can access the Marriott’s website, where this offer is listed, here.


There is the blurb on the top stating that “premium” cruises are only available for members residing in the United States,Canada or Puerto Rico. This is likely left from the past, when Marriott was in fact offering some cruise choices for Marriott Rewards members.

Marriott Rewards Refer a Friend Bonus


Marriott Rewards has a bonus for referring new members to their program. Both the referrer and the referee will receive 2000 bonus points for the first five stays that the referee makes within 365 after joining to the program through the referrer’s link. You can read more about this program here.


How It Works

Marriott Spring 2013 MegaMiles Promotion

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Marriott Rewards has launched their Spring 2013 MegaMiles promotion that is valid for stays between February 1 and April 30, 2013. You need to have your earning preference set to miles and then you can register for this promotions here.


Note that there are two different options:

January Hotel Promotions Update

January 2013 has kicked in and all the others have already launched their promotions besides Accor, Hyatt & Ritz-Carlton.

You can get cash back for most of your hotel bookings and you can read more about it here: Cashback for Your Hotel and Travel Bookings.

If I have missed any hotel points promotions, just leave a message below or send me an email to

Accor Hotels / Le Club Accorhotels

There are currently no global promotions for extra Le Club Accorhotels points.

You can get instants Le Club Accorhotels Platinum status:


Accor A-Club / Le Club Accorhotels Platinum Status for New Accounts (and Old Ones Too)

Summary of Pros and Cons of Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental Hotels Group/Priority Club, Marriott & Starwood Preferred Guest


In the past month, I wrote extensive articles about the good and not so good things about Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental Hotels Group/Priority Club, Marriott and Starwood Preferred Guest. I just went back and did some small changes to them based on the feedback that I have received and what else have come to my mind.


I got some requests to do similar write ups about some other programs  such as Le Club Accorhotels and Club Carlson. Unfortunately, I have not had nowhere near as many nights with these two chains as I have any of the above five of which I have spent anywhere between 300 to 700 nights each.

What do you especially LIKE or DISLIKE about any of these five hotel chains and/or their loyalty programs? Leave you comments below.

Lifetime Marriott Silver, Gold, and Platinum Requirements in 2013


Marriott has now finally published the official new lifetime Silver, Gold and Platinum requirements that I wrote about two weeks ago.


Achieve a status milestone over the course of your membership and you’ll enjoy Elite status for a lifetime. You’ll still be able to reach a higher status – but you’ll never go below your Lifetime level. You’ll have the Elite Experience, always.

We’ll track your nights and points and once you achieve a Lifetime status we will automatically send you your Lifetime membership card.


Marriott Rewards 1000 Bonus Delta or US Airways Miles per Stay

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Marriott Rewards has an offer for US Airways and Delta Air Lines frequent fliers for 1000 bonus miles per stay between November 15 and February 15, 2013, for stays that are booked by January 15, 2013.


You need to register for airline specific promotion, choose airline miles instead of Marriott rewards points as your earning preference and stay at participating property in order to receive the bonus miles that are capped at 10K (10 stays).

Marriott Rewards Elite Benefits Guarantees


One good thing about Marriott are their guarantees in case of something goes wrong; you are being walked, hotel fails to honor your bed type, or they fail to provide you with the Platinum Amenity. I as able to invoke the guarantee first time after 500 or so Marriott stays two weeks ago. But more of that later.


Marriott Ultimate Reservation Guarantee

Marriott Spring 2013 MegaMiles Promotion Returns

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Marriott just announced their spring 2013 MegaMiles promotion that is valid for stays between February 1 and April 30, 2013. Registration for this promotion open on January 10 and ends of April 30, 2013.


You can access your personalized offer at after January 10. Note that you need to have changed your earning preference to miles to be able to access the offer (at least you have had in the past).

Pros and Cons of Marriott Rewards


Marriott Rewards is one of the hotel chains that I used to frequent a lot. I have more than 500 qualified nights and probably close to 550 nights if award nights are counted as well. My patronage in the past few years have been on the low side, however.


I believe that Marriott Rewards can be a reasonable program if you can put in a lot of nights. Their MegaBonus promotions typically rewards customers that stay up to 25 nights during a three/four month period.

Marriott Rewards MegaBonus 2013 February 1 to April 30


Marriott just released the MegaBonus 2013 offers for stays between February 1 and April 30, 2013. As has been the case with these Marriott bonus promotions, they have number of targeted versions that are dependent of your activity in the past. The options are exactly the same as on the fall 2012 MegaBonus that is still going on (at the time of writing this). Note that the registration deadline for this promo is on March 15, 2013.


Here are the options for the Marriott Rewards 2013 MegaBonus:

1. Free night certificate category 1-4 for every two paid stays. Max 3 free night certificates.

2. Free night certificate category 1-5 for every two paid stays. Max 2 free night certificates.

3. 25000 bonus points after 15 paid nights + 15000 bonus after 20 nights. Maximum bonus 40000 points.

4. 35000 bonus points after 20 paid nights + 15000 bonus after 25 nights. Maximum bonus 50000 points.

You can access the Marriott’s page for this promotion at, but you will need to be most likely logged in to your account before you can see it. Alternatively, you should find your targeted promotion by logging in to your Marriott Rewards and going to Promotion Central. The base version of this promotion that is open to all is the option number 1 above.

I was targeted for the free night certificate version of this promotion and it does work for me. If the targeted promotion doesn’t work for you, I have written a piece about how to get it changed. Marriott unofficially allows targeted promotions to be changed. I have done it by myself in the past.


Marriott has been very predictable with its MegaBonus promotions for years. I love the fact that they are announced always very early so that you can plan accordingly.

My personal choice for the past few years has always been the free night certificates. They don’t work well in the Americas or Europe due to category 1 to 4 limitation, but there are plenty of properties in the Middle East and Asia where you can use them.

Cashback on Marriott Gift Card Purchases Ending on December 31

Marriott is ending cashback on purchases of gift cards effective on December 31, 2012. Early November, I wrote a piece about maximizing Marriott bonuses for buying gift cards and getting some cashback in the process. You can access the article here. Apparently, this opportunity to save some more is coming to an end on December 31, 2012.


You still have more than a week to make gift card purchases that count for cashback. There are few offers for miles, Marriott Rewards points, or premium loaded to the card for buying them.


It seems that all good will come to an end at some point. I have purchased Marriott gift cards and received come cashback in the process. I know that 5% can seem inconsequential, but after you stack up all the different promotions, the savings can be significant.

Marriott Rewards Making Elite Rollover Nights Permanent

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Marriott has been slowly dripping off information about the changes coming to the Marriott Rewards program in 2013.

Marriott Rollover
Marriott Rollover

Marriott has since 2010 had a promotion for rollover elite nights. The nights i.e. over 75 for Platinum members would automatically rollover for the next year and count for qualification then.  Now, Marriott is making this permanent fixture of the Rewards Program and more information about this can be found in 2013 at (please note that this page is not active yet).

By Elite Level, how many nights are needed to qualify for Elite Rollover Nights?

  • Silver Elite – Nights in excess of 10

  • Gold Elite – Nights in excess of 50

  • Platinum Elite – Nights in excess of 75

  • Platinum Premier Elite – Nights in excess of 75

This is very useful for those that have a very high number of nights in one year and only a few the following year. You can easily qualify at the same level for number of years without having too many stays.

Also, if you are after the lifetime status with Marriott, playing around with these rollover nights can be beneficial. The nights that rollover count for lifetime nights in the year that they were earned AND on the following year as rollover. So, you can have some nights count TWICE. Rollover nights only rollover for one year. You cannot rollover them year after year.


Marriott has been using some sort of internal rollover nights already for a while. If you have qualified for Platinum status for several years, they don’t typically downgrade you for being short on nights on one year.

It is welcomed that they are making this change permanent. I am around 240 nights short on lifetime Platinum with Marriott. I will probably have quite a few stays (& meetings) in 2013 to have large number of nights rollover to 2014.

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