Marriott Gold & Platinum Member Weekend Breakfast Extension In North America


Yesterday, I wrote about the new continental breakfast benefit for Marriott Rewards Gold & Platinum members at North American JW Marriott, Marriott, Renaissance and Autograph Collection hotels. You can read the piece here.


Now, Marriott has released the official communication about this change that somewhat clarified the situation.

Marriott Extending Gold & Platinum Member Complimentary Weekend Breakfast To United States & Canada


USA Today reported yesterday (read their piece here) that Marriott is going to announce today that the complimentary weekday continental breakfast in the United States and Canada is extended to include Saturday and Sunday as well starting on June 22, 2013.


Previously, the continental breakfast has been complimentary on hotel club lounge or in the restaurant, if the hotel doesn’t have lounge for Marriott Rewards Gold and Platinum members (including Ritz-Carlton Rewards Gold & Platinum).

Using Hotel Points In Copenhagen For Eurovision Song Contest In 2014


Not sure, when I was last time in Europe during the Eurovision song contest, but this year I was in Madrid and watched the show on TV. For those that are not familiar with this concept, it is a Europe wide song contest to which each of the EBU members send one band/singer and then the countries vote for the winner.


Nobody really takes this too seriously, as sometimes the performers are rather campy and borderline terrible, but it is fun to watch over few adult beverages.

Triple Iberia Avios For Marriott Stays

Iberia became Marriott partner back in April (read my comprehensive post about this here) and now you can earn triple Avios for all your Marriott stays between June 1 and September 30, 2013. The number of bonus miles that you can earn under this offer is capped at 30,000.


You can access this offer on Marriott’s website here. Please note that if you have your Marriott Rewards account set up for points, this offer won’t show unless you change it to miles first or if you open this link on a browser that doesn’t have Marriott cookies associated with it.

Marriott Rewards Aeroplan Bonus Of Up To 2000 Bonus Miles Per Stay


Marriott has a new offer for stays at participating properties in Canada between June 1 and August 31, 2013, for up to 2000 bonus miles per stay (500 bonus miles per night for up to 4 nights). You can access Marriott’s web page for this offer here.


Note that there is no need to register for this offer, but you have to make sure that you are staying at participating property. Also, there is no need to book any other than points qualifying rate and you can earn this bonus unlimited number of times.

Last Call For Marriott Awards At Current Levels Until Wednesday Night


Marriott Rewards announced the yearly category creep on February 11, but the new hotel award categories won’t go into effect before May 16, 2013. You have until May 15th to book at the current point levels. I have already written two pieces about this devaluation that you can access here and here.


Here’s a quick reminder:

How To Get Started With Hotel Loyalty Programs And Which To Choose?


This is one of the questions that I get asked often. How should you start with the hotel loyalty program and which one to choose?


Here’s what you should consider:

Top Hotel Promotions For May (2013)

Here’s my take on five worthwhile hotel promotions for this May. Summer (northern) is around the corner and we should hear soon from Hyatt what they have on offer for past May.

1. Marriott Rewards Summer 2013 “Unexpected Bonus” Promotion for free night certificates


Marriott Rewards Summer 2013 Promotion “Unexpected Bonus”

Marriott has a new promotion for free night certificates or bonus points that is valid all the way to September. You can now earn Category 5 free night certificates as well.

Hotel Promotions Update May 2013


Here’s monthly update on current hotel promotions. IHG Rewards Club (formerly known as Priority Club) has started to slowly introduce new one time bonus offer.

Marriott has a new summer promotion that is valid all the way to September 2nd for free night certificates or for double points.

Club Carlson still doesn’t have a global promotion, but we should hear from them shortly.

You can get cash back for most of your hotel bookings and you can read more about it here: Cashback for Your Hotel and Travel Bookings.

If I have missed any hotel points or rate promotions, just leave a message below or send me an email to

Accorhotels – Le Club

Marriott Probing Lifetime Status Display Options


Couple of days ago, I received an email from My Marriott Voice for a survey about elite status recognition. You will receive some minimal number of points for filling out these surveys. I find it more interesting to fill these out to find out, what they (Marriott) might be planning.


The copy of the email was misleading. The survey was not about Marriott Elite Status Recognition, but rather about Marriott Lifetime Status display options.

Marriott Terms & Conditions Change In Regards To Buying/Gifting Points

Marriott Rewards added one line of text to its terms and conditions to clarify the number of points that you earn for buying Marriott points online:


You won’t earn Marriott spend bonus for purchasing points online and paying using Marriott branded credit card, as the purchase is handled by third party vendor

Most Rewarding Hotel Loyalty Program Series: Burning Points Conclusions


You shouldn’t just compare the number of points that you earn from a number of hotel loyalty programs, but also the number of points required for a free night.


In order to compare these programs, I calculated the average number of points earned for six programs and then chose several markets to find out the average number of points required for a free night.

Hotel Elite Status & Guaranteed Room Availability


Hotel loyalty programs often tout guaranteed room availability of 48 to 72 hours before scheduled arrival time as a status related benefit for their most loyal guests. This “guarantee” may come as at unusually high price as LoyaltyLobby reader found out:


The main problems with this “guaranteed” availability are:

Most Rewarding Hotel Loyalty Program Series: Earning Points Conclusions


It is time for the conclusions on the Most Rewards Hotel Loyalty Program-series that I have been writing in the past month. I hope that you are still hanging there after all the spreadsheets that I have done.


In order to evaluate the different hotel loyalty programs in terms of earning points and to capture the number of points that you earn on average, I constructed two scenarios:

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