Orbitz Visa Checkout $100 Off Hotel Booking Promo Today Only (Minimum Purchase $100)


Orbitz has launched their Cyber Monday promotion that is $100 off of an eligible hotel booking when Visa Checkout is used to pay.

Orbitz Visa Check-out

The promotion should go live sometime in Monday morning and is available for the first 10,000 purchasers.

Orbitz Flight Promotions Book Return And Get: $100 Hotel Coupon, $25 + $20 Orbucks (Bag Fee + Booking Flight)


Orbitz is currently running three separate promotions for buying airline tickets that you can combine to maximize the benefits.

Orbitz Rewards $100 Visa Checkout

The hotel coupon offer likely expires today or tomorrow, so you need to hurry up!

Orbitz Flight Booking Promo: Get $20 Orbucks Once (Or Multiple Times) Per Ticket Issued October 14 – 28, 2014 + $25 Hotel Coupon For Reward Sign Up (Combinable)

Orbitz is offering $20 Orbucks (their loyalty program currency) for booking a select stand-alone return flight bookings where the base fare is more than $50.

Orbitz Orbuck Flight Booking Offer

These bonus Orbucks expire if not used redeemed 60 days after issuance.

American Airlines Gone (Again) From Orbitz & Affiliated Sites


American Airlines has again pulled its flights from Orbitz and affiliated websites such as Ebookers and Cheaptickets. American Airlines flights will continue to be available on Orbitz for business.

American Airlines Orbitz

US Airways flights are expected to be withdrawn on September 1, 2014.

Orbitz Flight Purchase Promo: Get $20 Orbucks For Standalone Flight Purchase Between May 27 – June 11, 2014 + $25 Hotel Coupon For Reward Sign Up (Combinable)


Orbitz has been promotion their rewards programs a lot lately and I wrote a piece about it when it was launched last year (read more here).

Orbitz $20 Orbucks Flight

Orbitz is now offering $20 in Orbucks that you can use towards future hotel booking by making a standalone flight purchase between May 27 and June 11, 2014. The actual flight date can be later.

UPDATE: Is Orbitz Best Price Guarantee Just A Big Scam?


Earlier this week, I wrote (access here) about negative experiences trying to get Orbitz to deliver per their recently launched Best Rate Guarantee


What I didn’t post on my original piece was that I asked to escalate the claim and the Orbitz representative told that he/she would forward it to customer relations, which replied to me yesterday:

Is Orbitz Best Price Guarantee Just A Big Scam?


Last year, Orbitz launched its own rewards program called Orbitz Rewards (read more here) and part of it was a new best price guarantee program that promises to refund the difference + give you $50 to $200 in Orbucks.


Orbitz used to have something called “Price Assurance”. They probably spent 100 times more running the never ending ads on TV compared to actual “assurance” payments.

Expedia Best Price Guarantee: Case Orbitz Lower By $1-$2 (3 Times)


Earlier in the year, I wrote about my Best Price Guarantee (BPG) experience with matching Bookig.com’s price that was about 20 cents lower than Expedia’s (read it here). I also managed to take a photo of the invoice that showed the Expedia’s margin (read more here).


I decided to go for Expedia Elite Plus-status and needed some more stays. I was in Phuket and was able to locate a Tune Hotel (read my review of the Bangkok property here) at a very reasonable price that was around $25 on Expedia.

Orbitz Introduces Orbitz Rewards + Launch Promotions


Orbitz has launched Orbitz Rewards to reward those that book travel on Orbitz’s website at orbitz.com or via their mobile apps. You earn Orbucks (valued at $1) for bookings that you can redeem instantaneously on subsequent orders.


Orbitz had a number of launch offers for $10 Orbucks for your first flight booking, extra rewards for flights, hotel discounts and $25 bag fee credit.

Why I Prefer Booking Airline Tickets Using Online Travel Agencies Like Expedia?


There seems to be two schools when it comes to buying airlines tickets; one group prefer always booking using the airline’s own websites and the other uses travel agents like Expedia.


I belong to the latter group and here is why:

1. Easier to compare prices among several airlines.

2. Agents are often able to offer more combinations than airlines.

3. You can easily ticket from different country than where your credit card is issued.

4. No need to present a credit card at check in.

5. I can get some cash back for my purchase.

6. I can choose the country where the ticket is issued.

7. I don’t have to go through the process of declining all the “extras” that the airlines are trying to sell in addition to the air transport.

8. The agent, the ticketing carrier or the operating carrier can fix and help in case that there are problems along the way.

9. Automated ticketing. Some carriers still queue some reservations for manual review before the electronic ticket is issued.

There also some drawbacks to consider as well:

1. The agent should do all the changes before the travel begins.

2. There could be a charge for using the agent’s services.

3. Sometimes it is difficult to pull up the exact fare rules.


Unlike with the hotels, I rarely see any benefit of booking directly with the airline compared to online travel agents like Expedia. I prefer having a greater number of options

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